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PCT Day 35: Lets Do This!

Day 35 6-22-2015       Sleep 2200 - 400 Miles 1553 – 1601.5             You know when you are really hot and delirious and then get blasted with cold.  How you sober up and suddenly you can think clearly again.  Bam!  Cold morning moving to get warm awesomeness.  I was trucking despite the toughness of the TrinityForest.  But I am a machine, with a fresh oil change.  Lets do this! one of my favorite power sayings.  You know, when you are asked to do something, you give it a quick thought and realize there is no way you are not doing it.  So to make it a thousand times easier you just pretend you are stoked to do it.  Except in this situation, I do want to do it, I am just like really really ridiculously tired-looking.  Trinity forest is absolutely beautiful.  Definitely hope to go back some time.  I was in go mode, so I did not take a lot of pictures.  But you should just go there because pictures aren’t half as cool.  And I don’t think you have to walk 1500 miles to get there.

PCT Day 34: Trinity: Father Son and some effin Spirit

Day 34 6-21-2015       Sleep 2000 - 330 Miles 1506 – 1553          
            Turns out the break I need, was just a break indeed.  Feeling better mentally and physically, I was moving with a sense of ease.  As the sun rose, the sky was off.  I’m a cloud guy, bring the rain!  But that was short lived.  The beautiful morning definitely had me in a good mood.  It was 80 degrees and breezy the rest of the day.  It felt like being in the artic compared to the last few days; welcomed change.  I decided to call my Dad for fathers day.  Surprised, he answered.  We talked briefly.  And then I spilled into it.  I told him I was sorry about the debacle from the AT last summer.  And he apologized too.  We came to some understanding.  It was great. 
            I wasn’t going fast by any standards.  I would say I was cruising.  Movement was easy and my mind was at ease.  These were the kind of miles I need.  There was no one around that was awesome too.  Well except for Mr Bear over there.  He …

PCT Day 33: Gas Station Heavenly Oasis

Day 33 6-20-2015       Sleep  2330 – 400 Miles 1478 – 1506             I woke up feeling exhausted and depleted.  Nonetheless, I started moving.  I always feel better once I start moving.  But here I was moving and all I felt like doing was stopping.  Resting.  All I need is a bit of rest.  To get some energy back in the tank.  I need a break.  I moved a long an overgrown trail. I was annoyed.  I had my hand ups blocking the branches from slapping me in the face.  My knee clunked into and rock.  I tried to ease off as I did a forward somersault to the ground.  I was pissed.  Cursing, I punched the ground, threw a rock and then started crying.  Why can’t anything just go my way.  I just need to catch a break.  I got up and kept moving, I always feel better once I start moving.              I was feeling in a fog but just trying to keep the forward progress.  I decided to call my brother and get a second opinion.  He answered, I explained.  He listened so well and just calmly suggested …

PCT Day 32: Hot And Fried, But I Tried

Day 32 6-19-2015       Sleep 000 - 300 Miles 1429 – 1478             I felt good and was moving well in the morning.  I felt like I had survived a storm and things were going to go smooth for awhile.  The trail was easy but exposed out in the sun.  I was getting fried again.  Am I just not able to handle the heat in my current situation? Or is it really that hot?  I passed a few days hikers that looked like they were struggling.  One of them said it’s a scorcher out here.  Sweet, I am not losing my mind.  But that doesn’t help me not get fried.  Ugh, what to do?  So I found ten feet of shade behind a clump of trees and laid down.  Maybe I will get my nap and go later into the night.  It didn’t really feel that much cooler.  When you are up and moving, there is a breeze and your blood is pumping.  Here on the ground, everything is still, the blood pools and you get hazy and weak.  Then the insects come.  First the flies land, then the ants crawl.  FUCK.  Yelling to no one in the woods.