PCT Day 34: Trinity: Father Son and some effin Spirit

Day 34 6-21-2015       Sleep 2000 - 330
Miles 1506 – 1553                  

They block the sun
            Turns out the break I need, was just a break indeed.  Feeling better mentally and physically, I was moving with a sense of ease.  As the sun rose, the sky was off.  I’m a cloud guy, bring the rain!  But that was short lived.  The beautiful morning definitely had me in a good mood.  It was 80 degrees and breezy the rest of the day.  It felt like being in the artic compared to the last few days; welcomed change.  I decided to call my Dad for fathers day.  Surprised, he answered.  We talked briefly.  And then I spilled into it.  I told him I was sorry about the debacle from the AT last summer.  And he apologized too.  We came to some understanding.  It was great. 
And more clouds

            I wasn’t going fast by any standards.  I would say I was cruising.  Movement was easy and my mind was at ease.  These were the kind of miles I need.  There was no one around that was awesome too.  Well except for Mr Bear over there.  He is too busy stuffing his face to care about my leisure pace.  And so on the day went.  Until the sun was getting low and I was cold?  Really?  I put my jacket on and walked until the sun was fully set.  Then I was getting cold even in my jacket.  I searched out a warm camp spot and that ended the day.  A fairly uneventful day if I may say.  It wasn’t hot, the miles passed with ease and shit didn’t hit the fan.   Alright, I’ll take it.  
 Castle Crags
Shastas still there
Cold? what is this sensation.


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