PCT Day 35: Lets Do This!

Day 35 6-22-2015       Sleep 2200 - 400
Miles 1553 – 1601.5
            You know when you are really hot and delirious and then get blasted with cold.  How you sober up and suddenly you can think clearly again.  Bam!  Cold morning moving to get warm awesomeness.  I was trucking despite the toughness of the Trinity Forest.  But I am a machine, with a fresh oil change.  Lets do this! one of my favorite power sayings.  You know, when you are asked to do something, you give it a quick thought and realize there is no way you are not doing it.  So to make it a thousand times easier you just pretend you are stoked to do it.  Except in this situation, I do want to do it, I am just like really really ridiculously tired-looking.  Trinity forest is absolutely beautiful.  Definitely hope to go back some time.  I was in go mode, so I did not take a lot of pictures.  But you should just go there because pictures aren’t half as cool.  And I don’t think you have to walk 1500 miles to get there.

            I rounded a saddle by Russian Peak and there was a burnt forest.  I love burnt forests.  I think of a burn as a cleanse.  Clearing out the junk and leaving only the skeletons of the oldest and most steadfast trees.  I think a burn is a good metaphor for what you need to do in life some times.  When you are spending too much time with the wrong people, doing the wrong things or collecting too much junk.  Although it may hurt at the time.  It allows you to get back to your roots and start over as who you truly are.  It helps you regain focus on the things that are important to you.  And um, oh yeah, focus.  So here I am the hour getting late.  Once again, nothing major happened today.  Couldn’t help but have a deep satisfaction of how the last two days have gone.  The cooler air helps for sure, but maybe I am re-finding my rhythm at 48 miles per day!  Stoked and not wanting to over do it.  I set up camp before the sun was set and enjoyed thinking about having a great day tomorrow.
Under The Russian Mountain
So Fresh
So Clean

Supremely Satisfied
Shastas Still There


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