PCT Day 29: Midway Hot Day

Day 29 6-16-2015    Sleep 2300 – 330
Miles 1302 – 1351

            A fast morning was made by rolling smooth terrain.  But then came the heat and no rain.  I was hot and the sun frying my brain.  Ok, I'll stop, so to keep you from going insane.  Really? Yeah, I got all day out here to loose my mind.  I fear I have mostly reached the flats.  The trail goes up and down in small hills.  But gone are the long climbs and descents.  Unfortunately, I find this terrain to bore my legs and they slow down without the big changes in pace.  I hit the midpoint sign post at 1105, halfway.  Holy cow, it seems like I just started last week….28 days ago.  I was getting really hot and fried out in the sun.  The mix of low elevation and heat wave we are apparently having are making it unbearable during the mid afternoon.  I decided to find a shady spot and put my legs up.
Halfway Home

     A ninety minute nap did the trick and I was moving fresh again.  I can’t help but think, if it stays hot like this, I might have to go to the midday nap again.  Which, I would love to work, but I remember it did not leaving the desert.  Finally the sun went down and the temperature cooled just slightly.  It was the first time since the morning I wasn’t uncomfortably hot.  I rolled along through a forest and smelt the sulfuric smell of a geyser.  Geysers are neat, I think, but I didn’t want to sleep in the stink.  So I trudge on a bit through a campground, up a hill and found a sweet forresty spot to sleep.   
Only 1325 miles to go!
Sometimes the trail is technical, others it not even a trail


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