PCT Day 3: Paradise is a Taco Salad

Day 3   5-21-2015  Sleep 2200-400
Miles 106.2-159.7

When I woke up, I felt rather tired and a bit sore.  No big deal, I should be.  It took me almost two hours to warm up and feel semi decent.  As I was leaving Warner Springs, down a hill and across a creek, I saw him good.  I turned my headlamp to the high setting, which is like a car low beam.  The mountain lion jumped ten feet in air and to the side.  Almost enough to make it out of the lights field.  Damn, I thought.  If I could move like that.  But then I remembered, that they over heat in no time.  Yes, I guess I would rather be a human for my adventure.  However; I often envy some of the other creatures on this planet and there physical abilities.  The day got hot quick once some fog and clouds cleared.  About 23 miles in, I took my only rest.  I found a spot with a back rest and feet up combo.  I quickly untie my shoes and rip of my socks.  I lay the shoes and socks in the sun and make sure my feet get some too.  This is an important thing I try to do each and every day.  I don't like to take breaks, I lose momentum.  But in a 16-18 hour day, there is plenty of time to get it back.  It feels refreshing when you put your socks and shoes back on and they feel lighter and drier.  But the most important for me, is that it give the skin a chance to dry and become hard again, instead of staying wet and getting softer.  I think it will be less of a problem on the PCT because of the drier climate compared to the AT.  But I am not taking any chances and I am staying on top of it. 
The fog keeping things cool
But the sun eventually worked through
      It seemed like the miles were getting longer and I knew the heat and sun was getting to me.  It is funny to me, when I know I have a “check point” coming up, in this case the Pine to Palms Highway.  I start guessing that “oh this is that last bend before the descent” or “this is that turn you make, then you are almost to the turn to the descent, so you are almost there” to which, I start giving myself shit.  Because it is always farther than you think and I really have no clue where I am.  I will look over at a boulder and think to myself (sarcastically) “oh yea Joey, that is that boulder on map, you are almost there…..yea shut up and just keep moving” Yes, I talk to myself that way.  But when you slow down as you get closer to a target, you got to do something to just get you moving faster again.  So a little tough love.  Finally I saw the Pine to Palms highway and I was relieved as I knew it was a short descent and then a mile to my resupply.  I got to Paradise Café, plugged in and ordered a taco salad.  I got my resupply box and started repacking.  I ate my salad, finished packing and used the facilities.  I was back off hiking in just about an hour.  Quick resupplies are something I want to focus on.  I find that the longer I spend in “town” the more I eat, the more comfortable I get and the less I want to leave.  I got back on the trail feeling good and super satisfied that I did a quick resupply.  I rode this energy and hiked for another three hours feeling good.  The last hour I ate and brushed my teeth.  Found a campsite and settled down with a feeling of supreme satisfaction.  I had my first “battle” day, where things didn’t go easy-smooth, I had a good resupply and I crushed it on miles.  I have no problem patting myself on the back, except my backpack is in the way;-)
Most hikers go for the grease; I eat a salad


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