PCT Day 5: Uphill Battle

Day 5  5-23  Sleep 2145-530
Miles 204.8-251.5

Well I slept in, not on purpose.  I had only been using my watch for an alarm, as to save my phone battery.  I must have hit the button to stop the alarm without knowing or did not hear it because of the wind.  Either way I woke up at 530 instead of 400, whoops.  Well I am sure that the hot section I have to hike through today will be even more fun now, seeing as how I will be there more like 1200 then 1030.  Anyhow, I was cruising and it felt good.  After a while though, I couldn’t help but feel like every step was uphill and I was just crawling along.  Well, it was!  I climbed about 7,000 net vertical feet.  I therefore had no reason to get upset about how much walking I did for the day.  Finally, I reached a place with a view.  And what a view.  I could not tell, but I assumed there was a lake down on the horizon and thus the reason the fog-cloud had pooled in that valley.  Gorgeous!  If I could, I would have set up camp there and watch the sun set right into the cloud.  But I seem to remember I am trying to get to Canada as fast as my legs will carry me, so onward.  It was nice and cool in the early evening, which was a pleasant change of pace to the temperature all day.  I knew I was in for a cold night of sleeping, which I always sleep really well in the cold and was excited for that.  I ate dinner and walked on in the cold, having trouble seeing through my breath in my headlamps light.  Finally, I said enough and laid up for the night. 
Good morning sleepy head
Finally up in the cool
From all the way down there, to here
Short write up today, figured I would let the pictures do the talking


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