PCT Day 6: The River

Day 6  5-24-15  Sleep 2145-400
Miles 251.5-302

I was right: slept amazing.  I didn’t want to get up in the morning, because I was sleeping so well, but also because it was so cold.  But Canada on my mind.  I was up and moving fast to stay warm.  I moved well for the first ten hours of the day, the music was hitting the spot, the trail easy, the views beautiful; I was flowing, in the river.  My philosophy on life; The River; go with the flow and it is all downhill.  You can eddy out when you want, portage if you need, or just send that waterfall when you feel like it (I thought I was reading a hiking trip report, not philosophical babblings)   It was getting hot in the afternoon and I was exposed in the sun the entire way.  When I stopped to get water and dry out my feet, I lost all momentum.  My feet were pretty wet and so I spent the little extra time making sure they were dry.  I continued slowly running on this apparently never ending descent.  All I wanted to do was walk and looked forward to some uphill.  It never came, the trail rolled along a river and then into a flat valley.  The beautiful sunset only slightly distracted me from the fact that I was fried, needed water and desperately wanted to walk.  Finally, I hit Deep creek and was able to camel up for the night.  I also got to walk uphill, for about 500 feet.  Then it was rolling trail cut into the side of the canyon.  I trudged on and finally setup camp in a bend in the trail.  I was warned that there was no camping for the next 12 miles or so, but when you are just bivying you don’t need much.  Also, setting up late and leaving early, I have no problem sleeping right on the trail a night or two, which tonight I was.  
Big Bear
Hot and sunny, makes my thoughts funny
Im goin down, down, down, down
Finally; some Boss


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