AT17 - Day 4 - A Big Low

Day 4: 8/7 136.5-172.9 Little Bigelow Lean-to

            I took off at 3:43, as I still wanted to get to Caratunk and on one of the first ferries across the Kennebec.  I arrived the the Caratunk Bunk house at 8:40 and grabbed my box.  Still no phone service, I logged into their wifi.  My heart sunk when I checked my SPOT.  I had no pings.  I thought for sure this must be an error.  I checked everywhere nothing.  I sent out a quick email to Bill and Matt to see if they had anything for me.  I was losing it.  I ate a snack and packed my bag.  I wanted to keep moving, I was feeling good.  Bill got back to me quick.  My take was, it was not the end of the world as long as I had other documentation, but also, that I could just start over.  I hastily decided to keep going.  Which, was the right choice for me.  But the SPOT loomed over my head.  I spent $150 on it, $150 on the service and probably about $100 more on batteries for it.  I also was not keen on carrying it because it was heavy(130g) especially with backup batteries(40g) and I had to carry a special screw driver…(all together, heavy for ultra-light).  Why was it not working?

I had to wait 30-40 minutes for the ferry because the ATC had a group going across to hike a small section.  The ferry can only take two at a time.  Across the Kennebec, I trudged on almost slowing myself down in self pity.  I pouted for an hour, cried for an hour and was just breaking down.  I decided to lay down and take a nap for an hour.  It saved me.  I felt better upon waking and came up with a game plan (I’ve learned over the years, being pro-active and having a plan really eases the stress for me, making a huge difference.  Even if what I do isn’t the “correct” thing.)  I would video each shelter or mountain and I would take the SPOT out and turn it off and back on five to ten times per day.   I knew it was doubtful I would have service to check if it was working any time soon but the plan and being pro-active eased my nerves.  I was moving well again despite again a heavy pack.  Its okay I thought, I am just trying to ease through Maine and these are my two largest carries anyway.  At 18:00 it started raining on me and did the whole way until I decided to call the day at 18:40 and stay at the shelter.  It had been a trying day and there was no reason to exhaust myself and run through a rain storm. 


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