AT17 - Day 7 - Notched

Day 7: 8/10 246.4-276.9 Full Goose

            Starting at 4:30, I made it up over moody in the cool morning.  Then up Hall Mountain and then Wyman.  Lots of climb on the course today.  I felt good, but these climbs are straight up and for the other part they are straight down.  It was tough on the legs.  I climbed up Frye and then started fading on the climb up Baldplate.  I decided to take a breather near the top and dry my feet out in the sun on the slab rock.  I reminisced about the last time I was here.  During Hurricane Arthur.  Where I was sitting nice and dry now, was just flowing water.  The rock was so slick, I fell many times and my body ached so much.  I guess weather makes a huge difference.

Down Baldplate and across Grafton Notch, I was able to grab a coke at the trailhead from a trail magic.  The climb up Old Spec is only 2,500feet up but it seemed like an eternity.  I was starting to get slightly nervous as I wanted to make sure I got through the Mahoosuc Notch before it was dark.  Over Old Spec and the Mahoosuc Arm, I was feeling better.  Mistake!  The descent down the Mahoosuc Arm SUCKS.  Guess that’s why they call it the Ma hoo SUCs.  17:52, into the dark damp depths of the Mahoosuc Notch I go.  I actually made quick work of it, not getting turned around once and moving well over the boulders.  The Mahoosuc Notch is what I imagine the Dementors kiss/Azkaban is like in Harry Potter.  It’s cold.  You feel all happiness leave.  Hope escapes you.  You just want to get the hell out of there!  Climbing up the other side it was hot, humid and I was worked.  I pre decided I would stay at Full Goose, which was a mistake.  At the time (18:45) I was climbing and it seemed like it would take forever to get to the next shelter 4 miles down the road.  But a full shelter saw me squeeze in and be annoyed by loud snoring and sleep pad shifting all night.  Oh well, almost out of Maine.


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