AT17 - Day 5 - Rhythm Forming

Day 5: 8/8 172.9-207.5 Cowboy Camp

            I snoozed from 3:33-535-6, because it was still raining, but eventually got out at 6:15.  I really enjoyed this day.  Bigelow is one of my favorites on the trail.  It was foggy at first but cleared up and was sunny the rest of the day.  The climbs and descents put me in a good rhythm and the time passed quickly.  I was really hoping to grab some cell service by Sugarloaf (often ski areas have cell service as a safety measure) but no luck.  The skies were clear, so I did not expect rain.   Which meant I would walk on and whenever I felt tired just lay down.  So that is what I did.  I actually highly like making camp this way.  Often times I can find a “bath tub” type spot.  One where the ground is up on both sides so I can have my feet elevated and my head up as well.  If I roll over on my stomach, which I often do, then the ground stretches out my hip flexors.  Hey, I believe the little things matter and soy loco.  I can then just sleep this way and really drain the legs and feet.  Also, I feel bad for disturbing people by showing up to shelters late and leaving early, but not that bad.  It was about 20:20 when I made camp.  I had my headlamp on since 19:00 despite the sun just setting as I made camp.  The woods are thick and the sun low in the sky.  If I ever reach a clearing, I feel like an idiot wearing my headlamp because it is still bright as day.  This is one of my major concerns for this “late” start.  I thrive on daylight and although I don’t hate night hiking, I am well aware that I don’t move as efficiently.  The days are only going to get shorter and this will become a minor issue later on in my hike.  


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