PCT Day 38: Hot and Bothered

Day 38 6-25-2015       Sleep 2315 - 515
Miles 1699 – 1745

            No time to rest on accomplishments.  Today will be just as hot as yesterday and I can’t sleep through the only cool.  I was moving well, how can I feel so great?  Who cares you animal, lets do this!  The music was hitting all the right notes, I was superman.  I passed a couple having sex hardly off the trail behind a rock out cropping.  They tried to play it cool.  I didn’t say anything, but I was thinking, “I don’t care, have at it, I am busy over here trying to break a record”  The sun surely rose and the mercury as well.  I was fading.  Already, geez it is 1000 and I got all day exposed out here.  I got to a water source.  I threw back a few liters, doused my head.  Fresh!  Lets do this shit.  That lasted…for 20 minutes.  Back to fading.  My feet have become a situation onto themselves.  I have sweaty feet but this heat is making them swamptastic.  I am changing my socks almost every hour.  Even still, I have two blisters forming underneath my calluses on my left foot.  I have very thick calluses and they have pulled away from a very deep immature layer of skin.  They tend to be pretty painful and difficult to drain.  But I take out the nail clippers and drive right in.  It is nauseating.  But the sooner I am done, the sooner the pain subsides, the sooner I am moving again.  I end up dissecting both, dab and pad with some TP.  Cover em in duct tape.  Put some food wrappers in an extra sock to pad the one on my heel.  And I am up and running once more.
Blister Fare and Shasta is Still There
            I am so delirious, there is a ski resort? Haha no it is real.  Doesn’t seem like there would ever be snow here.  It is so dry.  None the less, a cooler.  Wait a cooler.  Yippie.  Candy bars and Diet Dr Pepper.  You got to be kidding me, DIET?  Whatever, tastes just like the original; they fucked up! (Mitch)  I keep going, but I am in the sun, the heat is killer.  Time to change the socks again.  I found a low grown pine for the shade.  I went to change my socks but then realized, I could wait it out in the shade.  Put my feet out in the sun to dry and it might just make everything great again.  I had made it 22-24 miles already.  I could rally and pull off another 22-24 in the afternoon and evening breeze and have just a fine day.  Okay.  I rested, with the ants crawling, the flies landing.  I was too tired and understanding.  Not a bother in the world, slept a good 45 minutes just passed out.
Double Vision is Normal for Dehydrated Weariness
You know it is good when your phone is tripping balls too!
     When I finally got up and moving, I had a sense of urgency.  Nothing like sitting still for an hour and a half to light a fire under your ass.  I ran down and hit the highway.  There was about a half mile of pavement walking. It was slightly uphill, but I felt good.  I ran.  I was jogging up this hill.  30 miles into my day, with a ten pound pack on after covering some 1700 miles the last 38 days.  Damn, I am in good shape I thought.  I kept cruising up the climb.  I was just running along feeling fine.  Oh yea, this is Oregon, it really is easy.  Time to make up some miles for sure!  Well than high lasted until the sun went down.  Again in a dark scary forest.  Hmm just keep going.  It was still hot, but more tolerable.  There was dust floating around in the air and it was really doing a number on my contacts.  The contacts get so dry, they stick to my eye and will blur my vision from time to time.  It is already more difficult to see at night under a head lamp light.  But this makes it just obnoxious.  Grr.  I decide that there is no rush with Hyatt Lake Resort not opening until 700.  I set up camp and pass out.  Good day in the struggle way, but I worked it and did alright on miles(46)
Cool evenings feel so good

Shasta is still there!


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