PCT Day 43: Im Back Baby!

Day 43 6-30-2015       Sleep  2100 - 1030
Miles 1830 – 1860

            I woke up to the maids coming in my room to clean.  Whoops.  I slept through my alarm.  No wait they were just early.  I told them I would be out in ten.  I scrambled my stuff together and headed over to the store, which is where I would set camp for the day.  I got wifi and just tried to entertain myself by catching up on the last 40 days of earth.  With Dragonfly and MossWater gone, Mazama really sucked and I was lonely.  I wanted to leave…it was actually motivating me.  I knew I should dry out my feet and it was getting to the hottest part of the day.  Who wants to hike in that?  So I bottled it up and tried to sleep in the shade with my feet in the sun.  Entertaining to me. 
Wizard Island
            Finally it was 1700.  I grabbed some last minute snacks and took off.  It felt so good to be moving again “hiking”.   Up the road and back on the trail.  This is awesome.  At any moment I started to get worrisome about how my foot was going to do, I just thought back to lying around shitty Mazama.  And instantly the worry was gone (it is so much better to be moving and out on the trail) I felt like I was flying.  Makes sense.  I should have been well rested with three days off.  Getting up to the rim of Crater lake as the sun was setting was epic.  Certainly a vivid memory that is etched deep in my mind.  It was gorgeous, the lake but also being out of the tourist trap.  I was flying.  I couldn’t help but think “YES! IM BACK!” This was all just a small hitch in the grand adventure. 
When you run by the Watchman and All Along The Watchtower come on!
            I was riding on high through the dark forest, so awake.  Then I saw this poorly set up green tent, I knew.  I whispered at first… “Dragonfly” Nothing.  A little louder “Dragonfly” …”Flash!”  I told her nice job not camping in the park and right on the trail I might add you.  I laughed and dashed off.  I was out of the park, but I felt so good.  I kept cruising.  But then I thought to myself, “this was suppose to be a tester day” “Oh yeah” “okay, better taker easy”  And so I set up camp at the next adequate spot.  Supremely satisfied and convinced I was back!
Crater Lake



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