PCT Day 42: Nada Mucho

Day 42 6-29-2015       Sleep 2100 - 700
Mile 1830

            Honestly, I didn’t take very good notes for this day.  I remember the feelings of depression setting in.  I was feeling down from the sudden stop of hiking and the thrill that goes along with it.  But also, I was thinking in general my trip was over and that was really getting me down.  Moss Water and Dragonfly did the shuttle tour of the rim.  They wouldn’t be back until after we had to check out.  I tentatively said goodbye, but I think we all knew I would still be there when they got back.   I just ate and lay comatose outside the store.  I did some research on metatarsal stress fractures, blisters underneath calluses, infected blisters and septic infections.  It was actually relieving to try and figure out what was wrong with my foot and what options I had or what I could do to help.  All in all I didn’t come up with much, but laying my feet out in the sun and trying to keep them dry and dry out the calluses as much as possible.   
Feet looking better after a day in the sun
             Moss Water and Dragonfly returned.  It was so nice to have them there, to talk to, hang out with and ultimately ease my worried mind.  I decided I would stay one more night.  My foot seemed to be getting better and so I devised a plan.  I would spend the night, get a good nights rest.  Dry my foot all day in the sun, it seemed to help a lot doing that today.  Then just go for it in the afternoon.  Like most of our national parks, they are tourist shit shows and not designed for people to hike and enjoy.  Apparently, there is no camping in the park boundary and they are serious about it (enough to have infrared vision to find hikers camping in the park.  So apparently I have to hike 25 miles minimum to the park boundary.  This also, means that Moss Water and Dragonfly would have to leave very early to make sure they make it out of the park.  I had asked about getting a room again, and I was waiting for a cancel/no show.  Finally, by 1700 they told me there was one.  Dragonfly and I snatched it up and settled in.  Moss Water wanted to get the hiker experience out at the campground.  We went to dinner again, despite our previous experience. 
Even the parking lots 
            Getting back to the room, I was still just exhausted.  It was fun lying on the bed, half asleep, with my feet up watching Dragonfly try to sort out what food to bring or ditch.  Amusing, but not enough to keep me from falling asleep.  I would wake up 30 minutes later with my foot lotion still in hand.  Take a few gulps of water from my bladder, apply another coat of lotion to my feet and pass out again.  Eventually it was early in the morning.  Dragonfly was finalizing packing and about to take off.  I had to say a somber farewell and see her walk off.  I hoped I would run into her again when I continued hiking on down the trail.  I fell back asleep and didn’t plan on getting up until checkout
Lotion and Water; I am all dried out!


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