PCT Day 41: Dragonfly, oh my!

Day 41 6-28-2015       Sleep 130 – 900
Miles 1827 – 1830

            I woke up a few times during the night with my foot aching.  I thought about getting up at 600 and just going for it.  But I decided if my foot hurt there was no rush.  I would be heading into Mazama to resupply and I could rest all day there.  I might as well sleep now while I can.  Finally, a gentleman rolled along.  I said good morning and he back.  He paused, we entered conversation.  Turns out he was heading into Mazama and hoping to get a room for the night.  I asked, well would you want to split it?  And that was that.  I got up as quick as I could and we walked and talked into Mazama Campground.  His name was Moss Water, he was sectioning the trail in the summers.  He was a very understanding gentleman and oozed kindness.  I was fortunate to meet and be sharing a room with him.  He was great moral support for me, as I tried to figure this all out. Well what is the first thing a hiker does when they get to town?  FOOD, of course.  I was shopping at a national parks snack bar/gift shop.  None the less.  They had the fruit smoothies and I went to town.  I thought the best thing I could do was try to nourish my body and heel as quick as possible.  Plus, feeling good, would help me make a better decision.  We got a room and headed there next.  I took an hour shower and still could not get all the dirt of my body, especially my feet.  I guess that is what happens when you haven’t showered in 44 days, been hiking on dirt trails and sleeping on dirt at night.   
I woke up in a blur
It was nice, but I didn't think twice, back to bed

          After showering I was hungry once more.  I made my way back to the shop.  Ate until my stomach hurt and then waited until my stomach didn’t hurt to eat some more.  I asked at the information booth if there was a medical facility in the park. No she said, but it is only an hour or two to a town with one….Not for me.  Back to eating.  Stomach ache break.  I met a hiker by the name of Dragonfly, who was a veterinarian.  Well I am an animal, close enough.  She had a look see at my footsy.  She thought that one of the blisters on my left foot looked dark red and thus maybe infected.  Moss Water and I decided that the more the merrier and asked Dragonfly is she wanted to join us in the hotel room.  Of course she did.  We went back to the hotel room, cleaned my foot and jammed some needles in.  If we could only drain the blisters, maybe I could recover and head back out there.  Well the small needle did nothing.  Bigger needle nothing.  It was nauseating.  We could get through the callous, but when the needle was pulled, the callous would squeeze close and not let anything out.  Oh well.
Suns up, Lets go! Go back to sleep

            Dragonfly and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and headed over to the restaurant.  Moss Water thought that it wasn’t worth it and turned out to be correct.  So here I am, middle of my PCT hike, rest day, got a hot date…I never rest.  The food was menh.  But the company was amazing!  It was so nice to have a conversation with someone.  Dragonfly was fascinating.  Somehow we just clicked and I felt like I knew her for years.  In my experience when you are hiking a long trail, it slowly wares down your prejudices-predispositions and leaves you very open minded to understand.  It makes it really easy to listen to a person and understand (or think you do) their life.  It was a very nice distraction from the fact that I had no clue what was going on with my foot, how to fix it and if my hike was over.  After leaving the restaurant, the tenth of a mile walk back towards the store made me hungry.  We decided a little dessert was in order.  Dragonfly had one treat.  Of course, I had to try em all.  Stuffed, but not really satisfied we retreated to the room.  Although I didn’t do much today, I was like 40 days of over doing it tired.  I could barely brush my teeth before passing out.    
Even "towns" are beautiful out here

Just a little dessert!


  1. Joey, I enjoyed following your AT and PCT adventures. You sure can put in the miles. Keep the posts coming.
    Jersey Joe


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