AT14 Day 57: Almost Abol

7/10 Thurs
Pine needle forrest->Abol•ish

Well I woke up before my alarm as usual.  I got a mission to complete.  I got packed up. Dave seemed to be taking his time. I used the facilities.  I was still waiting for Dave. I told him I was going to walk slow and to catch up.  After a really slow half mile I reached a stream. I stopped and cameled up. I thought it would be perfect. I would drink tons of water and Dave would catch up.  After I had my fill and still no Dave, I decided to walk on. I hit a small climb, I thought surely Dave would catch me.  I reached the top. Still no Dave.  Smooth bomber descent waiting. Decision time.  Eff it.  So I go. I felt bad about leaving Dave , but I got the impression he wanted to leave me.  I was feeling good now though. Buttery pancakes. Flying I was. It got rooty, rocky and swampy. I didnt care. I would be done in a day. I really thought I could make the store by close. 51 miles in 13 hours. Just under 4 mph. I got this. Until about 4pm I believed. But then it was 16 miles in 4 hours to get there at close. The trail was really rooty and quite swampy. I was fading. I pushed until about 6 and then gave up.  I took it easy for the last 8 miles and got to a spot right before the road. Set up camp, it was only 9. But I missed the store and would have to wait until 7am for the store to re-open.  I guess I get to sleep in. Sounds good to me. I just did a 54 mile day followed by a 51 mile day.   It wasnt the 100 miler I dreamed off. But probably still pretty "Badass".  Tomorrow I am done. Not that I dont want to do this forever. But come on, everyone enjoys the satisfaction of a task complete. 


  1. What's going on brother! Man, I got water poisoning and passed out/threw up for eight hours right after that descent. Which really seems ironic considering the amount we talked about that hyper flow of yours. Hmmmm, should I start treating my water? Things came out of my body in colors that I don't think have names.

    I was twenty minutes behind you, everyone kept saying you were right ahead, I definitely didn't want to leave you. I wanted that hundred! but really, once I was sick, I was done for the day.

    Great hiking with you, you've definitely given me plans for part 2, thank you.

    Nolan's sometime?

    Best my friend,

  2. Dude I am soo sorry to hear that. I was really confused. I enjoyed hiking with you soo much. I didnt want to ditch you. Send me an email.

    Did you finish okay? Rest up! 2600 more miles to go!

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  4. And after all, 2650 miles isn't that far.


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