AT14 Day 55: Cant start a fire without a spark

7/8 Tuesday

Started off with some nasty words to my dad. He had been stressing me out. He was super helpful and kept me on track. Everytime I wanted to quit in the last week, he has said the right thing to keep me going.  I am forever thankful for how he raised me.  I just need to be alone now and finish this thing on my own.  A fella named Dave saved my AT trip. He started talking to me and sparks were flying. I was getting the fire back. I told him that even before getting on the trail,  I thought about doing the 100 mile wilderness in "100 miler " style. Basically, try not to sleep and finish it in 2 days. He was on board. Hell yes, lets do this!  So now I am amped up and it is 10 in the morning. A little late to start that venture. But I did have 8 miles to finish from yesterday. So I got a ride back to the trail and huffed it. It felt good. Maybe because I was motivated or maybe because my pack weighed next to nothing, but I felt like I was flying. Ended up being ~11 miles with running back to the hotel.  I got groceries and pigged out. Watching Germany pick apart Brazil like a surgeon was amazing. Granted Brazil was playing awful; Germany was perfect, on fire.  Nothing motivates me to be great at something more than watching a great performance.  Now I am super amped up and packing up my bag. Half of me wanted to leave right then(7pm). But I had already paid for the room and my man Dave wasnt around. Hmm.  I took in the lovely evening and thought about finishing this wonderful journey.  Off to bed early. 


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