AT14 Day 51-53: Losing its thrill

7/4 friday
 Grafton->under a boulder
1918->195? no clue

It poured for a few hours. Descending Bald Plate in the rain was trecherous and gnarly to say the least. The rest of the day it was spitting and cold.  I forded a few rivers that scared the shit out of me...I was just glad to not have to take a poop break.  At ~6:30 the skies split open. It was raining so hard I could barely see. I found an over hanging boulder.  I spent one miserable night in my bivy with water flowing down on each side of me.  Chalk it up to another near life experience. Really living out here. 

7/5 sat

Actually slept a bit. Who knew rocks jabbing the back could be relaxing.  Cold, got my hustle on. The trail is easy to follow; its just the flowing water.  Except when the waters really flowing. Then its time to ford.  Good thing I used to do ironmans!  Wish I could bike though.  Cold wet miserable. Im not pretending to enjoy this anymore. This sucks.  I have not seen this much rain in the rest of my life as I have the last 50 days... I dont need to believe in climate change, im living it.  Hotel to dry off for the night, maybe sleep too.  Dad and I had a real dinner. Ice cream for dessert!  Im just getting fat now. 

7/6 sun
Stratton->Pierce Pond

No point rushing today. Have to wait to take ferry tomorrow 9 am.  Slept in. Got out at 8:30. Nice day. Easy course. Swampy as hell though. Got to Pierce pond at 6. Would have liked to go father but can go past 2033 without hitting the ferry which only runs 9-11. Sucks. Why dont they just put in a zipline. It would be more fun anyway


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