AT14 Day 46: Run with Love

6/29 Sun
Liberty->Lonesome Lake 

Today I ran with emotion. That emotion was love. I struggled to start. I was shook up about yesterday and didnt sleep much. 

But then I though about what I love
I love my Dad and Mom. They made me who I am. 
Iove my Brother for his awesomeness
I love Christal for putting up with my shinanagins
I love all my friends 
I love the random strangers that have given me support 
I love this trail
I love pushing myself and see when I can do
The mountains
The other through hikers
Especially I love music

Met the only person I'll probably hike with this whole way I am stoked.  His name is pnuemo. He's hammering out a 90 day venture. He heard about me and wanted to keep up with me for a while and we just crush it. 

Oh and I love huts and doing dishes for food


  1. Hi Joe, Saw this quote on Facebook and thought of you:
    Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass away.
    Loved your post today - Love you too! Mom


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