AT14 Day 54: Dancing

7/7 Mon
Pierce Pond->Monson

Slip sliding through mud. Everything itchs. Might be poison ivy, but im not that reactive to it.  I didnt scratch, despite the itch.  I got black flies dive bombing my eyes, making it difficult to see at times. I forded two rivers that ended up coming up to my waist.  The water is moving, it is a bit sketchy.  At one slippery muddy spot. I slipled on a wet muddy rock, my recovery step slipped on a rock, my second recovery step slipped in the mud, now my legs are pretzeled and I go down. Luckily there are rocks to break my fall. I split the impact between my wrist and my face. Thankfully it was spread out enough to not do damage. And I didnt get that muddy. Couldnt help to chuckle, I almost had a face full of mud like a lady getting a facial mask.  Finally, I got to a river that after sometime I decided was insane to try and ford.  I want an adventure, experience and to push myself; but I am not suicidal. I headed back to the last gravel road. There were 4 people waiting for a shuttle. I asked if I could join. They said certainly and there mjght be cell service up the hill. I walked up and called my dad. I told him where I was and that I was getting a ride to Monson and planned to stay the night there. Well a few hours later, the shuttle showed up with my dad in tow. Another hiker and I jumped in my dads truck and Monson we went.  I am pretty fed up with the condition of the trail. Not only does it make passage difficult and slow, I am worried about getting injured and my feet falling off.  I have bacteria growing and eating my feet. There are more important things to me than this trail.  I cant fathom heading out into the 100 mile wilderness like this.  With the chance of hitting a river that is too dangerous to ford and having to turn around.  I might just go with my dad and summit Katahdin.  I will not have completed the trail , but 21/22ths is not bad. I have had a ton of fun. I enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster that I have ridden. I am closer to my family now than I have ever been.  I got to see so much beauty.  I have gotten support from tons of people and I cant say enough how much I appreciate it!  I feel so loved and cared for.  I did lose some weight and finally feel like I am getting into a runners body. Cant wait to see what I can do without a pack. I dont think I am done with the AT either.  Definitely need some time to get this taste out of my mouth (mud, cliffbars, black flies and ramen?). But maybe next time there is a drought, ill be back on the trail. Maybe just to hike, maybe go for a record (supported/unsupported).  Im sure I have learned more, but one thing that is sticking out right now...I really just dont like camping; especially in the rain.  But that is just hiw I feel now.  I willsleep on it and we will see. 


  1. Yes, sleep on it. Your head can play serious games with you when you are tired, lonely, and in pain. Ask yourself why you started this hike and whether that reason still has meaning for you. If it does, hike on. If it doesn't, walk away with no regrets.

  2. Hey "FLASH!" This is Taylor Scarponi or "Wicked." I'm not sure if you recall but we had a brief conversation while waiting out a downpour in the last shelter before Damascus. Dude, I've been praising your athletic ability to every other thru-hiker I come across on the trail. And more than that I emphasize what a great first impression you gave me when we met and that your drive to do a record attempt was matched only by your humbleness of character and obvious passion for running and adventure. Once you told me about your blog I began following you the whole way. I also tell everyone to check it out because your writing is really enjoyable and has a great stream of consciousness feel to it with a ton of humor and raw emotion. Simply put bro, your killing it! Personally I really hope you woke up after writing this a crushed some miles and moved closer to finishing and beating the record. However, if you don't nothing is lost. I could regurgitate a million cliched sayings right here but you know the deal and you know this has always just been YOUR run. So in the end, screw records and all that, I just hope that when your "race" is over you find some personal fulfillment that gives you some closure.
    I am still hiking through PA at this point and whenever I get service I check for your updates so keep them coming, I love reading them on the trail! I wish you all the best bro and hope our paths cross again someday. Good luck Joey and it was a pleasure meeting you, however brief it may have been.

  3. Hey Flash, it's probably trenchfoot, not Poison Ivy, it sort of feels the same, I had that in 2008, and that's exactly what it sounds like. Keep charging, you are close, just be careful in those rivers, I know the feeling, hoping I won't deal with that again....but shit, it's starting to look like it. we shall see.

  4. Whatever you decide to do, you should be very proud of what you have done it is amazing. Dave (shared the first shelter in PA with you)


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