PCT Day 20: Mammoth Lakes and Pancakes

Day 20 6-7-2015   Sleep 2100-430
Miles 887.4 – 928.3
One of the coldest mornings on trail: Lake Virginia
            I woke.  It was real!  I got the rest I needed, but I felt like I had miles to make up.  I didn’t get near as far as I liked and now I have more things to do at Red Meadows (figure out a rain jacket, order a new aux battery) not to mention, it will be the first time in seven or eight days having cell service and thus internet.  The trail was easy, at least my body made it seem.  I ran the whole way.  My legs and feet floating over the ground.  I love when I am “running” I don’t have to look at my footing.  I am moving so fast and light, that whatever misstep I take is fixed before I even realize.  I can stare off at the scenery around me.  But then I was flailing forward, couldn’t quite get the legs under and I was face first in the dirt.  I got up and dusted myself off.  Meanwhile, looking back to see what got me.  A 2” diameter stump back 50 feet in the middle of the trail, that someone had cut off a couple inches from the ground.  Nothing pisses me off more!  People come out here to maintain the trail, which I appreciate.  But then they do a half ass job and make it more dangerous.  Of course, it is me and a few other people that are running the trail and not staring down at our footing that might suffer; so I will shut up.  I was amazed at how far I traveled in what seemed like such a short time.  Either I was really moving fast, or my perception of time is quickening; both are good if you are going for as far and fast as you can go.  I got busy right away at Red Meadows.  The resupply there was limit both in choice and quantity.  When I asked the cashier about it, he replied, “yeah, we opened early this year” Which, I just nodded to.  But couldn’t help but think; I just passed the bubble (main group of hikers) they are coming your way, don’t you restock?  Good thing I was only going one day to Tuolumne Meadows. I would take my chance of them having better options.  I had good cell service, so I decided I would eat breakfast at the Café while I did my internet shopping.  I ordered my three breakfast choices and the waitress asked if there was anyone else joining.  Part of me is highly amused at this whole “Joey eats a lot” business, but really it is embarrassing.  I also find it amusing that I can’t get six pancakes on one plate.  Instead they have to do the three orders of two.  I wrapped everything up and was off.   Not terrible for how much I accomplished.

It was quite the view all afternoon
            Now, I only have one stomach.  So I have the egg breakfast, omelet and six pancakes sloshing around in syrup in my belly as I am trying to walk uphill in the midday sun and heat.  It was a little uncomfortable, but I was super carb-loaded, or I am coining the term “carb-bloated” In a few hours I knew I would feel amazing.  As for right now, I am enjoying the stupor.  As the day cooled and my stomach cleared, I felt amazing.  It was beautiful and cool, as I was up at 10,000 feet.  I passed a bunch of Lakes with reflections of the gorgeous scenery.  Had I ate too many pancakes, had a heart attach and gone to heaven?  No, I was just getting my long-trail experience.  Seriously, go hike a long trail!  The sunset was amazing, I even stopped to watch it, while I got my warm clothes on and my dinner out…yes still hungry.  Walked and ate dinner.  Although only 42 miles were hiked; this was the day I needed.  Like if your life was a mess and you spent a whole day organizing.  Yes, you didn’t get “anything” done, but now the machine is ready to work at full efficiency.  With this sentiment, I set up camp and passed out.  
Going for artsy

Thousand Island Lake, I didn't count, but I think they over estimate

I like reflections

I actually stopped walking for a minute

The sky didn't stop though


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