PCT Day 27: Happy Birthday Mike->Firecracker->Run Like an Antelope->All Night Long

Day 27 6-14-2015  Sleep 2000 – 500
Miles 1198 – 1252

            Well I snoozed, thinking it was the right thing to do.  But here at 530 it was already warm and I was thinking I made a mistake.  After a good size climb, the trail traversed along the mountain.  The views were spectacular and had me in a good mood.  I was moving a long the ridge with no hustle to my day.  I was hoping to put in a big day, especially after yesterday and it was my brother’s birthday.  Neither things seemed to motivate me out of cruise control and I moseyed on.  Finally, I ran into a hiker named “Firecracker” We hiked a long for a ways.  He knew all about FKTs and ultra running.  He asked me a lot of questions about diet, training, music.  He was excited to hear that Phish and Grateful Dead took up the majority of space on my ipod.  I told him I was in a bit of a funk and just not having the best day.  He understood why I might be tired and understood speed hiking on a long trail.  He said that I knew it was just about putting one foot in front of the other and putting in the hours.   Yes, I knew, and something clicked. 
Certainly no shortage of beauty, just shortage of photos
            We reached his friend who was just ahead of us hiking on the trail.  We said our goodbyes and well wishes.  As I turned to flee, Firecracker sang “Run run run run run run run run run run run….” I smiled as he was singing “Run like an Antelope” by Phish.  Well I ran.  I had a spark now and the fire started.  Like someone had lit a fire under my ass, or firecracker.  It was smooth terrain and I was flying.  I wanted to get as close to Belden as possible today to make my resupply tomorrow earlier.  I also still wanted that big day.  I ran and ran and ran, it felt so good.  I was in the zone and not feeling a thing.  Well hello there mr mountain lion.  At least I shone my light in his direction instead of passing without notice.  I picked up my pace for good measure.  The way I am feeling right now, I could out run a mountain no problem, or take it down with one blow and not miss a step.  I love this feeling.  It was getting late and my head was bobbing.  Okay, quick nap I thought.  I made my way up most of the climb, but saved some for the flip side.

“Set the gearshift to the high gear of your soul

You’ve got to run like an antelope out of control”

2000 (8pm) When I finally started moving
I loved the lighting here


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