PCT Day 23: Life is Good

Day 23   6-10-2015    Sleep 030-800
Miles 1019 – 1065
            It was still raining so I slept longer.  I wanted to quit so bad.  Well there is a road in thirty miles.  I guess I will start hiking(I know there is a road a mile behind, but what did I say, no hiking backwards).  It was absolutely pouring at the top of Wolf Creek pass.  There was a lot of snow and so I thought I would give the glissade a go.  But no. The rain had soaked the snow pack and turned it too mush.  I was post holing up to my crotch.  I was freezing cold.  This sucks.  I yelled, I cursed.  Didn’t matter, there was no one around.  I had seen maybe five people since Glen Aulin.  I freaked out.  Went ape shit.  I was trouncing through bushes and trees, not feeling a thing.  Adrenaline will do that to you.  I just want to get out of here.  I was sprinting, well more like sloshing around until I got low enough and was on dirt trail again.  But I am moving as fast as I can to get out of here.  The faster I go, the harder the rain seems.  Fine be that way.  Finally, hitting dirt I make my way on an angle to where I think the trail should be.  Back on the trail I relax a bit.  But I am still just over this, wanting to get out of here. 

            After a long descent, I finally get a chance to walk.  Walking uphill I get to relax and regroup.  Just keep moving forward and eventually your mind will change…that was the best I could get to.  I felt like I was getting a bit sick.  I had some phlegm in my throat and just felt exhausted.  Just keep moving.   Eventually it worked.  After about eight hours of absolutely getting poured on, it worked.  I hit highway 4 and without even a thought, I crossed it quickly and kept moving.  The rain let up.  Wait, the sky is clearing.  The trail was bomber dirt.  Oh boy.  I ran and ran.  The sun had set but I was nice and warm, and drying out. I cruised on, I couldn’t help it.  The trail begged me to run and I couldn’t resist.  I had that feeling again, you know that feeling.  Your hair stands up, you get a chill down your spine and you go numb.  You know yes, this is it.  Runners high.  So some of you have never felt this before or haven’t quite recognized it.  But it is like a mini orgasm.  You know that climatic feeling, same.  It is awesome!  I was in a good place mentally again.  Wow, how the day can turn.  I remembered, I get to resupply tomorrow.  I get a new auxiliary battery, shorts, t-shirt and dry bag.  Man life is good.  With that declared, I posted up camp for the night.  I tried to dry my feet the best I could before my eyes closed for good. I was tired!

No pictures for today, it was raining and my phone was dying.


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