PCT Day 24: Real Shorts

Day 24 6-11-2015  Sleep 2300-330
Miles 1065 – 1106

            Deep sleep, wide awake.  30 miles to my resupply.  Have to get there before 1400.  I have a goal, I have broken it down; 400 to 1400 is ten hours, 30 miles; is three miles an hour.  All I got to do is beat 3mph.  Easy enough.  I was moving well and with the sun in the sky, I couldn’t help but have a feeling of surviving.  The sierras behind me, the storms behind me, the tough stuff tackled.  A little phlegm in the back of my throat, but no worse for wear.  I would get to Echo Lakes, shed some weight, get some new gear, feel refreshed and be flying.  I reached a parking lot with tons of tourists; get me out of here!  It was highway 50 Carson pass.  Suddenly, I knew where I was.  I remember only a few years ago skiing at Kirkwood.  It was actually one of my favorite places to ski.  Wow, how skiing has changed for me.  The “Wall” my favorite spot.  Where I tore my meniscus one superbowl Sunday.  When everyone else at the cabin was hung over and didn’t make the trek; it was my brother who trucked on out there.  God, I miss my brother, I love my brother.  I wanted to call him right then.  But my phone has been less than 20% for days and I refuse to turn it on unless it is an emergency.  It hadn’t mattered as it had been raining and I wouldn’t have been able to use it anyway.  But now it was nice and sunny and I wanted to hear my brothers voice.  I decided I just needed to be patient and/or run faster to Echo Lakes.  I was tired though and feeling a bit sick, so I just made pace and thought about how awesome my brother is.  
Morning Tahoe

            I rolled into Echo Lakes about 1330 and realize that it was a store tailored for PCT hikers and they would have grabbed my package at any time.  Well, you live and learn.  But it really didn’t make much difference, I didn’t stress about getting there.  I got my package, some snacks and sprawled out on the lawn.  I soaked up the sun and repacked.  I called my brother of course and we talked for a good 10-15 minutes.  I wanted to talk all day, but I knew I had to be on my way.  Geez, this never ends? Belly stuffed, I headed back onto the trail feeling a bit light headed, weak and not motivated; I just walked slowly uphill reminiscing about past lives.  I was thinking about how much my life had changed from high school to college to a career to a ski bum.  Haha, it was kind of like my day yesterday.  I smiled; life lessons.  It was beautiful around all these lakes, I wanted to keep hiking, but I was exhausted and thought if I was sick, a little extra rest would help.  I ate dinner early and once more watched the sunset from bed.  
Ahh sunshine, much better!
Tired, but not tired of the views


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