PCT Day 25: Youre My Boy Blue

Day 25 6-12-2015  Sleep 2100-430
Miles 1106 – 1155

            I made my way up the pass, it was already twilight.  Geez, these days are getting long.  But that is why I like the northbound late spring hike.  You get the most day light.  Otherwise, the way to speed hike these long trails is really southbound starting late July or early August.  But this year there wasn’t any snow, so might as well use the sun.  The reflections on the still lakes set the mood for the day.  Calm and smooth.  There were a lot of downed trees in this section, but it wasn’t taking me out of my rhythm.  No instead, I was jumping over them like the steeple chase.  Maybe I was feeling better, maybe my pack lighter; didn’t matter.  It was putting me in a mood.  That kind of mood where you feel invincible, like you can tackle any problem.  I climbed up hill a bit and saw an oasis.  “I see blue” “he looks glorious” Lake Tahoe.  The Tahoe rim trail is on my list to tackle.  And here I am hiking at least a little section of it.  It was getting hot though.  I was losing pace and day dreaming of jumping in the nice cold lake.  Instead I tried to nap in the shade.  But it was too hot and miserable, so I gave up after 30 minutes.
Dicks Pass: Five in the morning

            I made my way past Alpine Meadows up on the west side of the ridge.  Finally the sun was getting lower in the sky and cooling down.  I passed through Squaw daydreaming of being surrounded by snow and cold.  I saw my first bear, all the way down a hill and across a meadow.  I watched her; looked like she was B-lining it for something.  Then I remembered the group of three hikers and two dogs I just past.  They were set up for the night and grilling out over a fire.  I had said hello and made small talk.  The lady asked me if I was hiking with a dog.  I looked down and around to see if there was actually a dog (this happened to me on the AT)  No dog….hmm and I thought I was losing it.  Well it looks like they are in for a long night.  I passed Tinker Knob and the sun was setting.  It was spectacular.  The sun set just kept going.  Will this ever end?  Kind of how some of these days feel like, will it ever end?  I made my way across the ridge and then took to the descent.  I was fried and so too were my quads.  It was a struggle.  So much so, that I decided to go to bed and try to be better tomorrow. 
Smooth and Calm
I See Blue!
What is zee fuk is a Chinese Downhill?
A whole 'nother hour of this


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