AT14 Day 13: Dont go grocery shopping hungry

5/26 Mon

Rocking and rolling this morning.  Feeling adventurous. So I took the very unused looking trail to Abbys hostel. If it works, I woildn't have to ration food or make the 3 mile round trip into Hampton.  Abbys ended up being more like a half mile from the trail and there was no one there.  Not having good luck with hostels. No worries though.  I hsmmered down to Hampton 20 miles into the day. I got to pass Laurel Falls on the run in so that was sweet.  But it was hot. I had a cliffbar and a chewy to get me. 20 miles. You know how you are not suppose to go to the grocery store hungry .,. Opps. I needed food for today and most of tomorrow before I hit Demascus.  Well I spent $50. But how can I pass up 2 for $3 2 liters of MT Dew?   Anyhow, now I am trying to eat as much as I can, so I dont have to carry it. Walking uphill eating oreos, sardines, poptarts and gummy candy, while drinking MT Dew is not exactly the easy on the stomach when its 85 degrees.  Needless to say, my stomach has seen worse and I was fine.  I realized I had service near the top and layed down for a brief siesta and caught up on internet stuff. RANGERS??? Really? I swear, if I miss the Rangers win the cup, ill never do the AT again.  So I ran downhill and realized no matter how much I food sack still weighed too much. Ugh, 8 mile climb up to Vanderveter shelter was long, arduous and mildly annoying because of the heavy pack.  I got there in time to eat while watching the sun set.  It was a wierd day to say the least. I got 33 miles closer to Maine but covered 37. God I hate wasting mile.  Oh well. Tomorrow will soon be today and I will haveto sieze it!


  1. Enjoy following you on this adventure Joe! No, the Rangers did not win the cup last night - another game on Thursday. I love the pictures you are sharing. Be safe.
    Love you.


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