AT Day 12: Good days, bad days

You know that Ive had my share

5/25 Sun 
Greasey Creek->mountaineer

Feeling flat this morning. Lots of climbing today so no rush.  After the first climb the downhill helped me loosen up but still slow.  Hiking up Roan Mountain took a long time but I had a new friend.  I picked up a lost dog and he ran along behind me for 6 miles.  However; he found a female and left me for her.  Over the top I could see the balds that were up next. They didn't look bad. I was excited for the long downhill after the final climb. But my legs were just getting slower and heavier. The balds took me forever and I just felt like I was dying.  Getting on the decent it was covered in roots and big sharp rocks.  I struggled through and had the last 3 miles of smooth trail to open up.  Then I got on the last 8 miles of rolling up terrain. Every uphill seemed like I was hitting a wall.  I couldn't wait to be done for the day. I ate as I walked to camp and was ready for bed when I got there.  There were a group of fun guys my age already set up. I chatted them up for a bit and then hit the hay. I had already forgotten about my awful day. I am glad it is behind me. I got a bunch of climbing and rough trail behind me. I guess it is better to get that over with when I am not feeling good and save the nice trails for when I am feeling good. 

My first pet.  That only lasted acouple hours.  

More balds
Two states down


  1. Not for now. Keep truckin. The record is 37 miles a day. I figured I'd stay close until I need to. If I don't need to then I'll make a run at the record


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