AT14 Day 11: Greasey Mistake

5/24 Sat
Spivey gap->Greasey Creek

On a mission today. Trying to get to Greasey Creek hostel. Wifi and a bed to reward myself for 10 good hard days. It was a nice easy trail to start the day.  I made it to Nolichucky quite early. I stopped into the hostel and grabbed some snacks for the climb ahead. Eating and climbing I was trying to avoid the blow up of yesterday.  Up up and up, I was feeling good. Like I said, I was on a mission.  I was dreaming of getting to this hostel and pigging out and sleeping well.  I was almost there and getting hungry.  I could have sworn I should have been there by now. Did I go past it? No it is always further than you think. Holy hell it can be this far can it?  And then I saw it...the shelter that is two miles past the hostel.  I would have just said screw it. But I needed the resuply.  Oh well it is just two more miles.  So I ran back got to the intersection I thought it might be. After looking around I found a little sign to hostel. I ran downhill. It was suppose to be .6 miles off the trail.  It seemed twice as long and was quite steep. I am not looking forward to leaving the hostel in the AM.  But I am here. There is no one here. Finally I found another hiker. He said they went to town for dinner.  Oh geez I missed dinner. When they finally got back, everyone was nice enough. You could tell the lady who ran the hostel was a control freak. But none the less she let me make some instant mash potatoes whileI ate 4 bananas. The I had a pint of ben and jerrys. Then another. I layed down to write this and the lady running the hostel said she could make me dinnr now that the sun had gone down(sabbath). So I had a black bean burger and an angus burger. A little backwards of a meal but it felt good in my tummy.  Now im passing out. I will have to resuply in the morning. What a day. It was well worth it. I just wish I didn't have to cover 41 miles to make it 36 closer to Maine. 

Feeling good for cover 366 miles in 10 days. Only 49 more days to go at this rate. 


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