AT Day 15: Two Weeks

5/28 Wed

Got up and got out. No knee pain on waking or walking. When the first downhill came, so did the pain.  I didn't let it get me down though.  So my goal today was to hike uphill as fast as possible and do what I could on the downhill.  Turned out to be a lot of climbing on the first half of the day. I was going uphill a lot faster that I had been and only going a little slower downhill. I felt so good, I decided to take a 15 minute break and lay my stuff out in the sun to dry.  When I started back up, I felt great and the knee pain was gone. I had some bomber descents and was really making time. I decided to push on and camp at about mile 518. Which, would give me a 42 mile day. Well as I got to about where I was going to camp, I saw three bears one of which was a cub.  So I decided to book it.  Up over the hill and bomb the two remaining miles downhill to the next shelter.  I was running out of light but still just flying down the trail. Eventually I slowed down and walked the last half mile while eating.  I got to the shelter and everyone was real nice and welcoming. I got a top bunk, setup, massaged and passed out.  Today was my longest day yet!  It followed a 43 mile day yesterday.  I feel great. I think I am finally ready to make a push. 

Averaging 37 miles per day


  1. Three Bears - I'm glad you can run fast and far. Sounds like a tremendous adventure.


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