AT Day .5: Warming up

5/14 Wed

Arrived in Atlanta at 10:30am. Slept like a baby on the plane.  Despite there being three babies around me an a few others (babies on a redeye?) Got picked up from the Airport by Ron Brown. Super knowledgible and nice.  Sort of reminded me of a slightly younger Willie Nelson (maybe that is because he said "on the road again" in a very singy voice.  To which, my mind thought, "going places that I've never been " ...loosing it already, YES!) Got to Amicalola Falls State Park around 1pm.  Signed the registry and was on the trail by 1:10pm. Got to the top of Springer Mountain about 3:40pm.  Still felt a bit slow from being sick. But I think it is all but out of my system.  Springer Mountain is where the Appalachian Trail starts and where I will be spending the night tonight. Early morning start tomorrow to get a full day in, offically on the AT!  WooHoo!!!


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