AT Day 4: First Resuply

5/18 Sun
Silar Bald->Sassafrass Gap

Good Morning rain. I was hoping for any early start as today is my first resuply day!  Seeing how it is my first one, I figure it will take longer.  Also, stopping in the outfitters to at least buy a knife utensil(TSA took mine), a warm sleeping sack and maybe a few other things.  I got lost twice this morning on the acount of paying attention to footing in the mud and wet stones instead of paying attention to the blazes.  After a never ending decent and 22 miles sloshing in the rain, I finally reached Nantalla Outdoor Center.  At first I was in a daze.  I suddenly couldn't remember what I was doing.  I wanted to get out of town quickly.  I bought a snickers ice cream bar and a cold coke. I figured I could only get these items in town and I might as well indulge.  And once again I am reminded of why I don't ever buy that stuff. No statisfaction came what so ever. I headed across the street to the outfitters with hopes to talk to someone who knows something about the Trail and could give me some advice.  They were all white water bums who were more focused on what they were going to run after work than work. I grabbed what I needed and left disappointed. Back to the general store to get 4 days worth of food. But it is comprable to a 7/11. Ugh. I grab an assortment of the snack packs of nuts, pop tarts, clifBars and I even got a jar of peanut butter.  To top it all off, I got 2 pints of ice cream to eat while walking uphill for the next 6 miles.  I hastefully organized my new items and headed across the bridge and out of "town". It was a whitewater center and there were kayakers everywhere. I could help to think of Christal and get a bit sad.  I miss her very much and I guess I was just lonely.  So here I am, walking uphill all teary eyed eating a quart of ice cream by myself.  I guess that is what lonely people do normally, except the walking uphill part.  A few hours later I arrived at camp and was able to have a chuckle to myself about the whole day.  All in all, it was a good day. I covered 35 miles, got some gear I despritely needed, resuplied and had my first "town" experience.  Although only 30 miles got me closer to Maine, I feel good about it. Maybe I am starting to find my groove...


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