AT14 Day 14: Set fire to the rain

5/27 Tue
Vanderveter ->Saunders

Easy trail, food re-supply and finishing another state today. Excited as I hit the trail 6:30 am.  Lots of rollers and gradual downhill. I was making great pace. I got my first trail magic today. A church group left a box of goodies for thru-hikers.  I had a MT dew and devils roll. I kept up the great pace but began to notice a little twinge in my left vastus medialis. I tried some massage and playing around. Nothing seemed to work. Then I remembered my running tights .., duh this is why I brought them.  The pain was gone with tights on but slowly crept back. The tights did, atleast mentally, make me feel as though my leg wasn't about to snap in half. I stopped by a shetler to get water and as I was filling up I heard some thunder rolling in. I decided to wait a few minutes to see what happens. While enjoying some instant mash potatoes it began nuking.  So I waited 30 minutes as the storm passed. It must of deposited atleast a half inch of rain.  So I cruised down into Demascus making sweet splish splash with my feet.  Demascus has nice park as you enter town. I got my groceries though and got out of town. If you stay in town too long, you get sucked in.  I pig'd out on my way up out of town.  I got to a full Saunders shelter and a bunch of campers. I quickly setup on the ground, did my massage and passed out.  43 miles and a resuply. Great day!


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