AT Day 0: You know this is going to be good

Well I am all packed and ready to go despite being ill the last few days.  I am really disappointed about not being able to run to the airport because I am still feeling a bit sick:-/.  I am sure a nice nights sleep on my redeye to Atlanta will have me back at 100%.
When I get to Atlanta, it is a shuttle ride to the TH and I am off.  Hike 7 or 8 miles to camp for the night. Then start the Appalachian Trail bright and early Thursday morning.  Currently, stretching on the airport floor and writing this blog.  This is what I will be doing each night for the next 60. Although, I will probably be stretching on dirt or if I am lucky a nice wood floor of a shelter.
You know those moments. When you feel something big is about to happen.  Like when you are cresting the top of a rollercoaster or when you are finishing packing the car to move somewhere new. There is this erie excitement in the air. You heart flutters and you can't help but smile. You know this is going to be good....


  1. This is insanely cool! I'm psyched to keep up with your movements. Love you Joey! Thinking about you!!!!

  2. I will be following along! Hugs!

  3. you go joe. theres an amazing plant (ramps) down south on the AT that tastes like garlic/onion and it makes those ramen taste like a rustler dining room meal. I'll send you a pic of them. They are almost allways around camp. eat them now they will be gone soon the more north you get. call me if you need anything.

  4. Yes! Im so excited for you and know you can do it! Ive been thinking of you just about every day ive hiked! Love you so much! Xo kg

  5. Rock on Joe!! So inspired and excited for you.


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