AT Day 2: Keep the rain coming

5/16 Fri

Despite a long day yesterday, I woke up feeling pretty good. Got on the trail at 7:40 and the sun was out. Thinking it was going to be a sunny day and the fact I felt pretty good despite 43 miles yesterday, I was riding on high.  Then came the first of four brief storms.  Each was just enough to get you soaked through but not a drop more.  I had a choice to make...go on 7 more miles and get a nice 38 on the day.  Or stop at. 5pm, stretch and try to dry out.  Showing up at the shelter to a nice family with a fire, made me supremely satisfied with taking the easy day.  Finally dry, I realize how much I miss the desert!
Also, I have a trail name.  A couple of  people have called me "Flash". I will give full credit to Gumbi for naming me.  She is my trail mother.  
Flash, I like it.  Sounds fast and kind of has some homoerotic tones.  


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