AT Day 5: Losing it? Bearly

5/18 Sun
Silar Bald->Sassafrass Gap

Good Morning rain. I was hoping for any early start as today is my first resuply day!  Seeing how it is my first one, I figure it will take longer.  Also, stopping in the outfitters to at least buy a knife utensil(TSA took mine), a warm sleeping sack and maybe a few other things.  I got lost twice this morning on the acount of paying attention to footing in the mud and wet stones instead of paying attention to the blazes.  After a never ending decent and 22 miles sloshing in the rain, I finally reached Nantalla Outdoor Center.  At first I was in a daze.  I suddenly couldn't remember what I was doing.  I wanted to get out of town quickly.  I bought a snickers ice cream bar and a cold coke. I figured I could only get these items in town and I might as well indulge.  And once again I am reminded of why I don't ever buy that stuff. No statisfaction came what so ever. I headed across the street to the outfitters with hopes to talk to someone who knows something about the Trail and could give me some advice.  I grabbed what I needed and left disappointed. Back to the general store to get 4 days worth of food. But it is comprable to a 7/11. Ugh. I grab an assortment of the snack packs of nuts, pop tarts, clifBars and I even got a jar of peanut butter.  To top it all off, I got 2 pints of ice cream to eat while walking uphill for the next 6 miles.  I hastefully organized my new items and headed across the bridge and out of "town". It was a whitewater center and there were kayakers everywhere. I could help to think of Christal and get a bit sad.  I miss her very much and I guess I was just lonely.  So here I am, walking uphill all teary eyed eating a quart of ice cream by myself.  I guess that is what lonely people do normally, except the walking uphill part.  A few hours later I arrived at camp and was able to have a chuckle to myself about the whole day.  All in all, it was a good day. I covered 35 miles, got some gear I despritely needed, resuplied and had my first "town" experience.  Although only 30 miles got me closer to Maine, I feel good about it. Maybe I am starting to find my groove...


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