AT Day 16: All about the food

5/29 thurs
Trimpi->Knot Maul

There is a feeling you get as you head into town. Your pack seems like it is not even there. And you know you will pig out when you get there.  I was told there was some trail magic a few miles from camp. When I got there it had been ravaged by other hungry hikers and I couldn't even get some crumbs. Oh well. I had three clifbars to get me the 23 miles to town. It was begining to get hot and as I crested the last major climb before town I looked up to the sky as if to say thanks God.  Three glorious miles of descent released me out into some green grassy fields. It was 12:30pm, almost the hottest time of day with the sun directly over head. It was brutal and zapping my energy quick. There were a few small rollers that normally you wouldn't even think about. They turned into mini everests' that I was exstatic to have reached the top. Finally, after what seemed an eternity; it was pavement and across a parking lot to the "grocery store" also know as a highway rest stop gas station convient store.  It was heaven. Airconditioned. I plugged in my aux battery and went to town. Ten pop tarts? Is that enough? Peanuts, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans...aren't there more kinds of nuts?  Sunflower seeds, protein bars, clif bars, gummy candies.  Okay, now what to eat?  I got two cans of beans. One thing that I love and can't really have on the trail. Oh there is pizza and they are keeping it warm just for me. I rang it up and sat down to eat. One of the ladies who worked at the deli started asking me a ton of questions.  She decided that I need to make my beans into chilli. She gave me onions and chilli spice and we heated it up. She also gave me some bread  'cause you cant have chilli without bread. Yum yum. Then the pizza. I wanted to eat more. And lord knows I could have sat there all day and ate. But I didn't was to turn into to a raisen. So like a pouting child I left for the trail. It was still hot and humid as a sauna. But you could tell the thunder storm was about it hit.  And then in a matter of minutes I was soaked and the trail was a creek. But it stopped shortly and left a miserable 9 miles and two climbs of humid soggy muddy fun. I got to the shelter on pure disassociation. Pigged out. Massaged.  Passed out. Tomorrow will be a long day. Today was a sweet easy resupply day, but really tiring emotionally. 


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