AT Day 3: Everybody must get wet

5/17 Sat
Palm Orchard ->Silar Bald
71mi - 114mi

Pretty cold night but I was still up at 6am and out the door.  It was a beautiful morning. The birds were singing and the air was cold and crisp as if brand new.  I "saw" my first sunrise from the trail. Although it was mostly blocked by trees.  There were a few smooth descents where I was really able to open the throttle. That felt good on the legs and the soul. Once again rained. From about 11am until 4pm. Ugh I am sick of the rain. Got to Siler Bald shelter just after 6pm. There was no one there and the place just had an erie vibe to it. I checked the registry and no one really seemed to mention any problems.  With 41 miles behind me, I wasn't about to try another 6 to the next shelter.  Oh well. 


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