AT Day 8: That makes a week

5/21 Wed
Pecks Corner->Roaring Fork

Up and out quick. Long day ahead with some big climbs. A few short climbs but a lot of downhill got me 20 miles done in 5 hours. Great pace and gives me plenty of time to finish the 2nd half. At one point I came upon a lady talking on her cell phone in the middle of the trail. I said "good afternoon" and she gave me a look of annoyance as she moved aside.  I was kind of steamed by it, but realized if she had cell service, maybe I do. Sure enough some 4G. I satdown in the shade and posted to my blog for the first 5 days. Finally. After about 10 minutes I was back running. I don't like to take long breaks as I find it kills my momentum. It was getting real hot and I had to walk along a road and then under a highway under pass. I couldn't believe how loud the traffic was above. Glad to be back in the forrest, I had a 5 mile climb ahead of me. One foot in front of the other and I was on top. Snowbird Mountain.  I had a nice descent and was able to get water at a shelter at the bottom. For the last two climbs I decided to try some magic. I got the headphones out and to work I went. Cresting the final climb I had a feeling of deep satisfaction. Today, I stayed positive and had a great day! I sprolled out my stuff on top of Max 's Patch and let it all dry. This is the first true 360 view from the top of a mountain I have had on the AT. Packed up and headed to camp. Ate the last half mile again. Setup, massage and passed out. Great 40 miles today. Looking forward to hitting Hot Springs tomorrow and resuply. 

256 miles in a week is 36.5 average


  1. This is amazing stuff Joe. Really wish I had taken a month off to come do some of this with you. Great pace so far keep it up and I will be seeing you in July.


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