AT14 Day 22: 3 weeks

6/4 Wed
Thunder Mt->Brown Mountain

Got up and out early this morning. At first I felt a bit groggy but I warmed up and was cruising.  Virginia might be "flat" but it sure has some of the bigger climbs.  Two 3,000 foot climbs today along with a few smaller ones.  When just running I would say a 3,000 foot climb is nice and I can do a few. But when carrying a 15lb pack and covering 40miles per day, suddenly a 3,000 fout climb is like an Everest.  The day was going great but it was getting hot and humid. I had one 3,000 ft climb behind me and a lot of rolling terrain. I was 33 miles into my day and basically just had to walk uphill, pig out and I would be done.  I stopped at a stream to get water. I was doing well on time, so I figured I would rinse off and take care of my feet. 20 minutes later I was on my way feeling good about taking care of myself.  Then I heard it.  Maybe it was just a loud truck, we are by a highway. Then again. And again. Damn. So I quickened my pace. Maybe it will miss me or I can get to the shelter wait it out quick then continue.  It was getting louder and closer. I debated quick in my head whether to stop and put on my rain gear or try to just hurry to the shelter before it starts.  I chose the latter and was now sprinting.  Then I heard it. Like a swarm of angry bees. There was this buzzing. I turned to look and the was a white wall just coming towards me. I threw my pack down and before I could even unzip it. The wall hit me. It had some force to it. I was drenched in seconds. I got my rain gear on pointlessly and was now sprinting again. A large tree about 50 feet tall crashed down next to me. Then a bolt of lightning cracked and made all my hair stand up.  Now I was really sprinting. Some mud came slidding down and took out the trail in front of me. This was crazy. Another tree came down and then another.  I was absolutely flying. I ran up a 50 foot hill in only a few bounds. There it was the shelter and. empty. My lucky day. I stipped down in a matter of seconds and hung everything up. I was so warm from the effort that I was sweating.  I was dry in only a few minutes.  Well that puts a damper on my plans.  But no reason to get upset. I was feeling a bit a of cold coming on.  Ill just go to bed early and get up early.  So I did just that. Another gentlemen showed up shortly after that. I ate and passed out. 


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