AT14 Day 24: He's heating up

-NBA Jam.  TE of course

6/6 Friday
Paul C Wolf->Hightop

Well, I am not going to lie. The legs felt a bit slow today. But a few descents and they are all shook out. I entered Shenandoha National Park today. After some brief climbing, I was up on the ridge the rest of the day. Very mellow terrain lead to a lot of running.  Man, I dont know how I am doing this. I am running everything and feeling stronger and stronger.  I made it to Loft Mt Campstore at 3:30. I did my grocery shopping and finally treated myself right. Two orange juices, V8 juice, two yogurts, two bananas, a block of cheese and a pint of cookie dough ice cream. By treat myself right, I mean getting some healthful items to make myself feel better not worse.  Plus, I still wanted to do 13 more miles. I trucked along not feeling sick or bloated from just eating junk food.   I was flying along and was excited to get to camp early for once and get a good nights sleep.  All of a sudden I noticed something out of the corner of my eye moving towards me.  I look to see a adult black bear jogging towards me about 20 feet away. I stopped dead in my tracks. Yelled "HEY" and clapped my hands. The bear turned quick and ran away shitting his bear britches.  I got a chuckle out of the situation then checked my own pants.  I ate for the last mile up to camp, which I got to well before sun down.  I setup , massaged and thought about how awesome the last two days have been.  99 miles, a resupply and an epiphany. Life is good. I am going to reward myself with sleeping in tomorrow (6:06am). Goodnight


  1. Good luck, I enjoy reading your check-ins every day. I wanna do some sort of ultra-marathon at some point so reading the kinda of stuff you go through helps motivate me to get out there and put on some real mileage.


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