AT14 Day 29: Halfway Home

6/11 Wednesday
Tom Runs->Allenbury

Well I said it was going to be on today, and it was.  As my first decision of the day; I decided to go back to sleep...haha.  It was raining at 4:50 and I thought it wouldn't be the best to run in the dark rain on slippy rocks. So I got up at 5:25.  Mosied out by 5:55.  49 miles to go. Resupply, eat n sleep, hotel and Rangers.  It takes me about 2 hours to warm up these days.  But even during those first hours , I averaged over 4 mph.  A nice descent got my legs going and my self chants kept it flowing.  It was Food , Hotel , Dry gear, Rangers and REPEAT.  I realized that I would cross the midway point soon as well. I thought about it...27 days ago I start and I have put a few hours in today. Doing the math on the run, under 55 days.  I can't believe it.  I checked and rechecked my math. I knew since I decided to push, I was doing well. But this blew my mind. I am averaging 40.1 miles per day and feel great.  Except for my feet, I am pain free. Mentally...well I was always off. But I am motivated and enjoying it everyday.  A few punchy climbs really got to me at the end of the day.  I ran for about 5 hours non-stop before the climbs.  I couldn't help it.  It was pancake flat.  I was bonking and not just calorie bonk. I was Carb deprived bonked.  I think that is a great.  It means I am pushing myself harder and using more carbs.  But it also means I need to pack higher carb food.   I got over the climbs in survivor fashion.  Once I caught my breath, I was booking down the descent. It seems that no matter how tired I am, when gravity comes into my favor I can just go.  I ran the last two miles through a corn field. Which quickly spit me out to a beautiful bike path along a small lake and town.  It was so cool. It reminded me of some small town in Italy or anywhere in Europe.  I downed a half gallon of OJ before I was half done with grocery shopping.  I ran/hobbled down the road to the Allenbury Inn. Which, turns out to be a crazy country club setup.  It took me awhile to figure out which building I go to register for the night.  I got my key and had to walk to another building where my room was. On the way, I noticed they had golf , tennis, a theatre, pool, hot tub and a dozen other buildings I couldn't see what there were for.  I ate my beans, pinneapple, pasta side and half gallon of ice cream. I got to talk to Christal for awhile which was awesome. I hopped in the shower and used the whole bar of soap.  About half clean, I plopped down and watched the Rangers game while massaging.  After awhile I couldn't remember why I was in a hotel room or where.  Then I thought, oh yeah duh, I am running the AT and I am in Pennsylvania somewhere.  But I didn't feel like I was running the AT.  I just felt like I was on some weird vacation.  Hmm. I enjoy the comforts and getting my feet and gear dry.  But staying in a hotel really messes with your head.  I rather be out there on the trail and feel like, well, I am really out there.  I can't fathom that I will run 40-50 miles tomorrow and be sopping wet the whole time.  But I know once I get out the's game on.  

Rangers won, finally.  And I am going to say it is all because of me. I probably won't catch their next game.  Although, maybe I will bust out back to back 55 milers.  But in reality, I need to focus on the trail. Enjoying it for what it is.  And blowing this record to smitherines!


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