AT14 Day 26: Just Crazy

6/8 Sun
Elkwallow->Rod Hod

Really didn't have much of a plan today.  I had a shelter at 989, 996 and a hostel at 999.  The hostel would be really cool, but I didn't think I was up for another 53 mile day...we'll see.  Started off fine and with great views.  I was moving quick and feeling good. One concern; I was running low on food and was already rationing. I could make it to the Hostel and grab food early tomorrow if need be. But if I don't get there tonight, I would rather just roll to Harpers.  Not a big deal.  I covered 17 miles in my first 4 hours and was thinking. "Hostel?"  But I wasn't getting my hopes up, surely I would slow down.  I stopped to get water.  My purifier was not working.  I tried a couple of things, but was unsuccesful.  Now I am slowing down, I thought.  This could be a big problem. Hmm.  No need to panic, I can always drink out of the streams.  If I do get jardia, I'll deal with it in a week.  Fortunately, another hiker showed up before I took off and I traded him a clifbar to pump 2 liters.  On my way, although realizing I would mow have to  "figure out" water every time until I get to Harpers Ferry to get a new filter.  I figured I would just stop at shelters and bug people. They would gladly fill me up, because people out here are super nice.  I booked along and was just praying for some trail magic, for water/soda and extra calories as to avoid asking people to filter water for me and to avoid stopping in the Hostel tomorrow morning. Because clearly now, I would not make it 53 miles in time to show up to the Hostel. Every road crossing I hoped and prayed.  Then it happened.  Oreos, cheese crackers, nutter butters, chips, mt dew and coke.  SAVED.  I downed a coke and some oreos. Then a nutter butter and a mt dew.  I threw a few in my pack for tonight and I had a plan.  I would bribe people to pump me water with oreos.   Between feeling sugar high, nauseous and just energized; I cruised the last 14 miles to camp. Almost puking at times and blissfully numb at others.  I got there with a few spitting storms but not a ton of rain. My first question , "who wants to filter me some water for oreos" lead to the most fortunate thing to happen. A nice lady said,  " I will do you one better".  Curious, I followed her to her tent.  Where she pulled out the cutest, tiniest water filter I had every seen.  She said , I could have it. She never used it and it was just dead wieght to carry around.  I thanked her and tried to give her as my oreos as I could. But she only took one pack.  Looks like I will be gorging on oreos tonight and not worrying about water tomorrow.  What a great turn around to the day. Plus, I think it will be fun to joke at the outfitters tomorrow that I have this little pump to save weight. 

Tomorrow I have 31 miles to reach Harpers Ferry. The plan would be to resupply then get out and hike 5, 10 or 15 miles to shelters.  However; there are apparently suppose to be some nasty Tstorms tomorrow afternoon and currently it is pooring at my shelter.  All of this is making me think I might just stay in Harpers ferry and reward myself and stay dry.  Still my average milage would be. 39.5 per day.  But part of me wants to get up to 40 miles per day ASAP.  I guess we'll see.  God I love this. Such an awesome adventure.  Awesome people. Beautiful scenery and all the junk food your heart desires.  No seriously, I want some vegetables.  Everyone should do something like this at least once in there life.  It will teach you how to live life, to just enjoy it.  So enjoy. 


  1. Hey! I'm the hiker who have you the pump. I was going through my gear and found the spare filter and would like to mail it to you so you have it for another hike another time. E-mail me at hoopprof at gmail dot com with your snail address, and it'll be waiting for you when you get home. I'm rooting for you and hope you blow the record out of the water!


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