AT14 Day 28: My brother mike

I will start this evening out with a poem that sounds like it was written by a first grader.  But in reality a grown man/boy who is really tired.

6/10 Tuesday
Ed Garvey->Two Runs

My brother mike
He is awesome, smart and has a big heart
He likes to ski, surf and play all day
He is one rad dude with a good attitude
He can fix or solve any problem if he wants
He got me to where I am today, for I followed him across the usa
He is the best brother one could ever have
I would have never thought that I would say, but he is my best friend today
Although sometimes he pretends to be Will Farrell or Ron Burgandy
He doesn't have to, because he is so much cooler
 He is the best bachelor Ive ever met, that ---- doesnt know how much of a bimbo she is yet
He will meet you half way on your hike
I love him, my brother Mike

So I ran 43 miles today.  Met some cool people.  But the best part was seeing my Brother. I got to hang out with him for about 2 and a half hours on the side of the highway.  He brought some fruit and veggies to share with the other hikers coming thru.  My brother told me a few days ago he might be driving through and be able to meet up.  But that sly dog planned it all along.  He knew he would be able to meet up with me some day on his road trip and didnt mention it to be more of a surprise.  And what a special surprise.  I was able to dry out my feet and after some crying, I even dried my eyes. I was so thankful to see him and now motivated to make him proud. I ram fast (28 miles in 7 hours ) to see him. Which was awesome. After I left him on the roadside, I felt this calm but motivated feeling. I took it easy to camp and still got there early.  I have a plan in the works. I caught up to one of the gentlemen that came thru and got some food from my brother. He seemed to have a really good attitude about life and was stoked on what I was attempting to do.  His name was Flying Hawk Spirit of Love. I said goodbye and goodluck.  Hopefully, I will see him in VT.  Anyway back to the plan. So seeing my brother and talking to Flying Hawk Spirit of Love has given me this wonderful feeling inside.  So I am think it is time to go beast mode.  When I first started planning my days, I used to use 3mph as a general guidline.  If I wanted to go 39 miles. I would plan on 13 hours.  That is with water, bathrooms, and other breaks.  But yesterday and today I have really just started using 4 mph. So I am going with it.  I am currently sleeping at 1069 and boiling springs is 48 miles away at 1117.  If I leave at 5am then I plan to get there at 5pm. Get new shoes , resupply and hotel by 630-7. Watch the Rangers Game.  Might be the only one I see.  So that is the plan.  If someone could let the Rangers know how hard I am working to watch them play, maybe it would light a fire under their ass and they can pull out a W for me. 

One of my first post I said you know this is going to be good.  Well good doesnt even begin to describe it.  So I will make up a word. Splendiforous.   YES.  You know this is going to be Splendiforous. 

If you know that reference then you get the double entandra.  Enjoy. Goodnight.  And LETS GO RANGERS!!!


  1. Loved your poem and so happy you got to see Mike. He is at my home now and I have the same feelings about him as you do. You are one amazing brother - I still am in awe as to what you are doing. I couldn't look at the picture of your feet, I could feel your pain, your excitement, your motivation and your spirit speaking to me. Be safe my Joey. Smiles and Hugs and lots of Love from your Mom.


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