AT14 Day 34: Motivation

6/17 Tuesday
Gren Andersen->Prospector Rocks

Today started slow and then got crazy.  I met a ridge runner by the name Grasshopper while I was filling up water at the first shelter. He started in with the usual questions and soon realized how crazy I was.  Being a thru hiker himself and more of a true trail hiker, we seemed to agree on a lot of things. He said that I best be going and that he didn't want to hold me up. I told him nonsense, that I was gaining motivation and inspiration.  But then I hurried away.  Things were going swimmingly but it was get hot and humid fast. I made it to the road I had to take to town and was about to turn on it. There was an older lady who looked like she might be from the area. I asked for confirmation.  She told me it was not the road and I had to go another mile. Ill call B S.  I just didn't believe her. I decided to just go up the road right in front of her. She yelled to me that I was going the wrong way. I just waved.  Sure enough it was the right way and I arrived to an airconditioned gas station. This was going to be hard to leave.  They had orange juice and pineapple.  I could cry. Downed a half gallon of oj, ate some pineapple, ordered/ate a chicken parm sub and bought my groceries.  But I didn't want to leave yet. I pulled out my phone and I had service. I had a text from my mom and two from my brother. Surely they are trying to figure out where to meet me in Massachusetts.   They were trying to meet up. But right now. Apparently driving down, they wanted to meet me at a place 10 miles ahead in less than an hour. Crap I thought. I wasted all this time just to stay in the AC.  I text my brother a new location only 6 miles away. Packed up and started running. Great now I am stressed and rushing. But it was great. I crushed those 6 miles and arrived at a roadside picnic of which seemed like a dozen hikers. I saw my mom and gave her a big sweaty hug. Then I punched my brother for surprising me and making me run so hard. I sat down and my mom introduced everyone to me.  I chatted with the other hikers and had some more pineapple. I had just left the gas station and wasn't that hungry.  One by one the hikers got on with their journey as I knew I should too.  But I didn't want to leave. Finally , I just blurted it out, "I ought to be going."  We said our goodbyes, but I didn't want to go. I hadn't seen my mom in a year. But if everything goes right, In a month I will be spending as much time with her as I can.  Well I flew off down the trail. It might have been the MT Dew, 3 hours of rest or the inspiration and motivation I had just gained. I passed a few hikers I had just met and wished them luck.  I got to the shelter that was only 37 miles for me. It was. 6 already.  How did it get so late?  Oh yeah.  Well I got to try to make it the 12 more miles to the next shelter.  I got my hustle on but it was getting dark. I got up to prospect rocks about the time you start to need a headlamp.  It was beautiful and breezy.  I decided to put my feet up and eat something. I was hungry. As I sat there looking up, I could see the stars starting to come out.  Its was one of those moments. You know you will never forget.  It is extra special because you know this while it is happening. It is nostalgic in the present.  Wow what a life.  I got up to move on and decide no, I am tired. I hung my bear bag and passed out. Thinking, wow Joe. You are really living life. 


  1. Great job. I grew up by bear mountain. Did you see the Rock formation called lemon squeeze yet?


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