AT14 Day 18: I got this

5/31 Sat
Jennys Knob->Rice Field

There was a dog at the shelter last night. In the middle of the night he came and kicked me. Then he layed by me and paw'd me. I kept try to get him away or his owners attention. Neither worked. It was my worst night sleep in a long time. Anyways. The day started out okay. But I quickly grew tired and was in a fog.  I didn't have that much food for the 32 miles to Pearsberg.  So I was rationing and got very hypoglycemic. I could barely see straight and couldn't help but think that this was not a good situation to be in. I decided to chow down on some nuts on the big climb about 15 miles into my day.  Then I started the "I got this chant". I was gaining momentum. As rounded the top and started the downhill. It was a breath of fresh air. I was cruising and feeling strong.  I busted out the next 8 miles a lot faster than I thought I could. But still I was running out of calories and felt my energy waning.  Then some magic.  I hit a road where two guys were handing out MT Dews as a pay it forward for some other hikers being nice to them. My lucky day. I needed the sugary fluid and caffiene never hurts. I flew on and had the most fun descent on the AT so far, heading into Pearsburg. I ran the mile to the gas station and loaded up.  Out of town was a steep 5 mile climb that I ate on the entire way.  An easy two miles across the ridge with beautiful views the whole way. I reach shelter for the most breath taking view of the trip so far.  Although I only progressed  38 miles today, I covered 40 and resupplied.  I saw an awesome sunset and gained faith in my ability to turn the day around.  A pretty good day for being sleep deprived , if I may say so.  


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