AT14 Day 25: Brother Mike

6/7 Saturday

Sleeping in is nice but it always leaves me feeling kind of groggy/hungover feeling. I was really slow getting out of camp. The first few miles were uphill and my legs felt especially heavy.  The first descent I started slow but I was able to shake out the legs.  Then I was flying.  I ran for a long time in the zone and did not really notice anything. When I finally checked, it was noon and I had covered about 21 miles in just 5 hours.  Shenandoha NP is made for running.  After a bit of climbing, I decided to check my phone. I had service. Mandatory break, I announced. I put my feet up and went to town. I got my blog updated and some other things. I decided to call my brother Mike.  What a fortuitous decision. He answered, it was nice to catch up. But then we figured a meet up was possible in the next few days. We kind of brainstorned some ideas and it is a work in progress.  None the less, I plan on seeing my brother in the next few days.  I was so over joyed.  I sprinted the next mile not feeling a thing or seeing a thing, because my eyes were full of tears of joy.  As much as I am doing this adventure "unsupported" I have so much support from family, friends and strangers.  I met a gentleman out there by the name of Hotsauce and we talked about Colorado, ultrarunning and he seemed stoked I was going for the record.  I told him maybe we could meet up in CO later this summer. It got me all sorts of motivated. To finish the AT faster, to run faster and to go to CO and be in a place I love and give Leadville100 a good shot.  This kind of emotional support really gives me a lot of energy and motivation. So thank you all very much!  I kept trucking and was feeling good. I made it to the Elkwallow around 8. It was closed and there was no one around. But I was able to use the bathroom to charge my phone and clean up.  Feeling good and excited. I look forward to a big day tomorrow to set up for Harpers Ferry.  Goodnight everyone.  And thanks again for the support!


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