AT Day 19: Dalesville on my mind

6/1 Sun
Rice Field->Powerline

Slept good. Woke inspired. Today.  It is going to be the day. I ran and ran everything.  Nothing is going to stop me. I got Dalesville on the mind and only 86 miles. I also had a card up my sleeve. Night hike.  I figured I would see how the day went.  But I wanted to go long so it was an easier/shorter day into Dalesville.  If I got to town early in the afternoon, I could get new shoes, eat a ton and relax. As the day went on, I felt strong but my pace wasn't that good. There had been a few big climbs and my legs were fine but I lost time.  Well I rushed up one more climb to make sure I got the nice long descent in before dark. I did. 43 miles done by sundown.  There is the shelter, I did stop. Go Joe Go, I said.  Bam. It hit me like a freight train.  Trail Magic. Someone had left two coolers of sodas out for us poor hikers.  Sugar, water and caffeine, um afterburner.  Mt Dew and a Coke. I drank and ran. Now it was pitch black except for a small crescent moon. I was moving by headlamp. A little spooky being in the woods in the dark. But the nights coolness hit me to wake up. Oh yea, sugar and caffeine coursed my veins to add a punch. It was a big climb but I soared up it.  Why can't all climbs be done in the cool of the night? Not the blistering midday sun.  I hit the top. I was going to set up camp and let the long downhill start my day. But Dalesville early? And I am feeling good. Game on.  Blast descent. I was floating over the trail. I don 't think I tripped once, which is impressive in the dark. I reached the bottom and decided to walk a bit to cool off. It was uphill but it is still nice to slow down. I found a spot. Threw up the bear bag and was out. 53 miles done. My first night hike.  And now only. 33 miles to Dalesville. 

I felt good all through the day and into the night.  Let us see if there are any reprecussions for these shinanagins.  If not.  Night hiking will become my new way of loading up miles.  


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