AT14 Day 30: Marshall Ullrich

6/13 Friday

Well it didn't seem to rain that much last night.  Maybe I made a mistake.  But my feet are a worlds better, so maybe not.  I ran 2 miles on pavement to start the day.  So my feet were dry for a little.  Had a nice little climb to start.  I felt heavy and probably was.  I ate too much and didn't run far enough.  But thats okay. I  will be down some weight in a few hours.  I got sprinkled on from 9 to 10am. I thought well that wasn't so bad. We are done with the rain for a few days and things will finally dry out.  All of a sudden there was a sharp pain shooting up from my right foot/toes.  I tried to move the foot around in the shoe. But nothing worked. It was so painful it made me nauseous and I threw up.  This is not good.  I stopped took it off. My foot didn't look that bad.  I picked some dirt/rock out of one of the sores.  I ate some cheesy crackers while I waited for it to dry a bit.  I rubbed some neosporin on it, wrapped it in some toilet paper and duct tape, then shoved it back in the shoe.  Seemed better. Started running. Better, but still really painful.  This is not good.  This could shorten my day again. Hmm. Ok I got it.  Good ole Marshall Ullrich trick.  Dudes badass. Done a bunch of stuff crazier than this and is known for having his toenails surgically removed.  I look up to him because he is hardcore and intuitive.  He figures out what works and does it.  He ran across the US a couple of years ago at the age of 57. He didn't get the record he was going for. But he averaged something like 60 miles a day and set the masters record.  Anyhow, he has a book, "Running on empty" and I read it about a year ago.  It is a good book; if you enjoy what I am doing, you should read it.  So in the book, I believe it is plantar fascititis, but he is in a lot of pain.  He decides to just tell himself it is not his foot and ignore it.  Well that apparently worked for him, so why not try it.  So..."thats not my foot, thats not my foot, thats not my foot."  Well, the pain went away.  I mean I think the pain was still there, but I was full on ignoring it.  Wow, I couldn't believe it.  Well a few hours of running later(pennslyvania is flat) it started to pour.  Not much in the way of lightning. But just pouring. Big drops. Now I was having fun. Remember when you were a kid and you would go splash around in the rain and stomp puddles.  Well I never grew up. And I refuse to. It was so much fun.  It was easy to follow the trail.., it was the creek.  I thought maybe I would blow up my dry sac and float this thing.  But then I thought against it, might be considered cheating.  The rain stopped after a few hours and I was almost sad.  It instantly became sunny, hot and humid. Ugh, talk about grossness. I had a decent climb to eat dinner on. And then 10 miles flat across the ridge, made for some nice running. But it rained a bit on me at the end. So once again showing up to camp dripping wet.  But I didn't care.  Today was awesome.  I ran 47 miles, splish-splashed like a kid and got rid of some nasty pain by using jedi mind tricks. 

I didn't mention before...the day I saw my brother, I thought "I could just get in this car right now and be home in Albany, sleeping in a warm bed in just 8 hours."  But I couldn't quit. I hadn't even made it halfway...DAMN 31 more miles.  Haha. Then the next night at the Allenbury, I had a dream I was quitting and going home. 
I will not quit. I am in this until Maine. Today really strengthened my belief that I will figure it out and I will get to Maine on the sooner side than later. 

On a more ridiculous note; I will be resupplying at a candy shop.  And yes I will be a kid in a candy shop.  So excited. You stay classy San Diego. 


  1. Hey Joey! You don't know me but my friend Cyril posted about your trip on Facebook and I've been following your blog. Just wanted to say I admire your fortitude and think what you're doing is really inspiring. Plus I'm mega jealous. Hope everything goes well and wanted you to know that you got another person out there pulling for you to keep it up. Stay safe and healthy out there, man. And keep us updated!


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