AT14 Day 40: Voice type revolution

6/22 Mon
Cobble rocks->Goddard

Finally some mountains Greylock and Glastonbury. Margot and her dad met me; it was awesome.  They track me down then walked the trail with me and ran with me for 3 miles and it was great! It was like meeting to old friends for coffee hang out for a while catching up and then leaving feeling refreshed and good. Although we covered 3 miles we talked while we walked for 3 miles and I felt when they left and I was refreshing ready to hike again. But I was already hiking. 

Okay we reach a all-time new level here I realize how to use the voice type on my iPhone. All I need is a signal and I can basically just talk to my phone and here you go you got a blog. 

Unfortunately I am moving all day and focus I think get food get water and massage my legs him the rest of it I walk sleep that's all I have time for I will try to keep everyone updated as best I can but I'm sure I'll be heading out service very infrequently coming up. But I am home in Vermont playing in the mountains a group plan then i'm going to see my dad tomorrow night SigmaStat hotel room so that's going to be awesome and refreshing both mentally and physically. Right now I am on and kisses the 12th day where I will get 40+ miles an absurd I love it going to time for anything else you time to think about that my new new balance minimus shoes fell apart in less than 40 miles but hopefully will get some issues soon and will be sorry again.  I can't tell you all how much I love you and appreciate the support it's been amazing. You guys are motivating me and inspiring me every day and I hope I can only return the favor someone to keep going. About 545 miles to go to Katahdin I love it can't wait

Peace and love everyone


  1. Shared the first shelter in PA with you two weeks ago. i am very impressed with what you are attempting to accomplish. A person has to have hiked a section at least to appreciate what you are doing. Good luck and hang in there! Dave

  2. Joey-
    Great effort so far- Finish Smart- Finish Strong- you can't beat Jen, but YOU ARE ON PACE TO BEAT MATT! I'm a speed hiker as well with some good info on the AT, including pacing- be smart- don't kill yourself and you got this.
    Struggling for your 40? My info shows you only need 37 MPD to Glencliff.
    27 MPD through the whites to Gorham, and 30 MPD to Stratton.
    34 MPD to Big K and you're at 57 days!!!

    Don't bust your body and bust out- pace yourself! Your balls to the wall style is inspiring and awesome- don't beat yourself up fighting the trail- you know it gets harder, based on your pace thus far I can roughly tell you those numbers above will do it. The numbers were within a few % of Matt and Jen's trips.

    You got some fans at Whiteblaze- check out the info there and keep up the good work- I see you struggling in your blog and wanted to reach out- don't let me tell you how to do your trip- but don't beat your head against the wall either.

    You got this!!!!!!

  3. Dang, Ward gets 23 years and I won't even get one!?!? I just learned about your attempt. Your ability to improvise resupply and keep your feet healthy given wetness and day-to-day pounding at such a fast clip is unbelievable! It's been entertaining to read what you've shared on this blog. Thank you for your efforts. I'm impressed that you've been able to share so much while on the trail! You are living life. Enjoy the sweet dessert of NH and ME! Safe and happy trails to the end, Go Joe, go!

  4. You are a class act Mr. Kirk-
    Hope all is well with you and yours.

  5. Wow. Thank you all for your comments and support. This is truely amazing. Feeling so blessed. Especially Matt for his kind words. I am sorry. It is nothing personal. I just did not get into hardrock or western states... So I needed something to do. Also, its not over yet. I got 480 miles to go and they are the hardest


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