AT14 Day 32: Happy Fathers Day

6/15 Sunday
Allentown->Wolf Rocks

Brr it was cold this morning.  Someone said it was 40 degrees and I would believe them.  Took a little while to get rolling today. It is fathers day and I want to make my dad proud.  Once the sun was up for a bit, both the temperatures and I were warmed up.  Cruised down to Lehigh gap around 11.  I noticed water dripping down the back of my leg. I immediately grabbed the bottom of my pack and it was soaking wet.  I threw my pack down and puled out a broken bladder.  Oh boy, no bueno. It was sunny, hot and the middle of the day. I crossed the bridge and then got lost somehow. All the white reflectors look like blazes so I get confused.  Cursing and looking confused cars just drive by, probably slightly perturbed.  I finally figure it out and get up to the trail head.  Someone had left water and I was immensely grateful.  I decided I needed to chill out and regather myself.  So I pulled out my feet and I called my dad to wish him a happy fathers day. We talked for awhile and realized I would see him in VT in 9 days. My dad told me after reading about all my hiking, he went for a hike himself.  I couldn't believe it.  I was blown away.  My dad was always active. He played soccer, basketball and he would chop wood and stuff like that.  But my dad would never be caught dead exercising just to stay in shape.  Really just caught me by surprise. After hanging up and packing up, I took off up a decent sized climb.  I felt invigorated by my talk with my day and the idea of seeing him in a little over a week.  I rounded the top of the climb and started running.  For some reason I launched myself in the air.  I just flew over a rattlesnake almost stepping on him in the process.  When I stopped and turned back, he finally started to rattle at me.  Definitely got the heart beating.  I took off running. It was flat and smooth high on a ridge. I was getting fried and sunburnt.  All this rain and forest, this is the first time I have really seen the sun in 31 days.  I struggled with hydration. I no longer had the camelback to sip from. At first I left the sawyer platypus bladders in my pack and then got them out each time to drink. Then I tried running with it in hand. Awkward.  I don't know if I was hyponatremic or hypoglycemic but my vision was quite blurry. I decided to lay down with my feet up for a few minutes. Try to regather myself. That didn't work and I thought I best be moving on. You don't need to be able to see to run, just float over the ground. At least that is what I tell myself.  My energy was drained and I was fried.  I was waiting to see if the sun going down would cool me off and bring me back to life.  Didn't happen. I saw a camp spot and decided enough us enough.  '44 miles. That is still not bad. I built a fire because I felt like it.  It was hot all day. I didn't need a fire. But I wanted to, I am a pyro and there was wood handy.  I think my dad would be proud of my fire too. Happy Fathers day dad, I love you!


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