AT14 Day 23: Goman go!

6/5 Thurs
Brown Mt->Paul C Wolf

Goman go!

Today was going to be a big day. I was making up for yesterday and trying to set myself up to make resupply tomorrow. Big climb tackled before the sun came out. It was windy and blowing water off the leaves of the trees.  I was borderline cold which helped me set a good pace.  I was making great pace running across the ridge. But running low on food and now water had me worrying. Then it happened. Probably the most profound awesomeness on my trip so far.  I ran into Goman and his wife setting up some trail magic for hikers. I was able to get some candy bars and sodas, which eased my worry. But the best thing I got was a lesson and some motivation. Goman was retired and hiked the trail two years back.  He and his wife now come out and stock food and drinks for hikers everyday.  I could see it in his eyes and the way he looked; the trail changed him for better.  I got this feeling that I was excited to see the changes the trail will bring to me.  My friend , we will call him Tulips, told me that the trail would change me.  I think it already has and will even more. But right now it is hard to tell because I am still on the trail and living "trail life". This all got me so excited to finish the AT and see the changes. I felt on a higher level the rest of the day and was just booking it.  It was as if something was pulling me along. I went for it.  It lead me to see a beautiful sunset and bombing a descent to camp for a total of 52 miles.  I did all that in 14 hours, which means I averaged 3.7 mph with breaks and refills on water...that is fast. Also, I wasn't tired. I felt like I could have kept that pace up all night if I wanted to.  This is my second 50+ day. I am excited to see what I can do tomorrow. My first. 50+ day had a 33 mile into town day so it was cut short. Did I mention I am excited!


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